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How much do you know about the drainage on your property? There are thousands of homes that have plumbing misconnections that are causing pollution in streams, rivers and on local beaches. Could your property be one of them?

The problem is caused by wastewater from inside our homes (for example, water from WCs, bidets, kitchen sinks and bathroom washbasins, showers, washing machines and dishwashers), being misconnected to the surface water drain instead of the foul water sewer. This can lead to pollution in streams, rivers and on local beaches.

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Misconnected drains not only harm the environment but put our health at risk. The CIPHE is one of a partnership of organisations who are working together to reduce water pollution from drains and sewers in the ConnectRight campaign.

The campaign aims to reduce water pollution by:

  • Raising awareness and understanding about misconnections, sewers and drains, and the environmental problems that they cause
  • Helping property owners and professionals to check drainage connections and act
  • Ensuring new drainage is connected correctly
  • Helping to develop and support effective practice, policy and regulation
  • Sharing information and evidence about the problem and supporting research and development for long-term solutions.

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ConnectRight - who’s involved?

Along with the CIPHE, the other bodies involved are:

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Find out more about ConnectRight

Want to find out more about plumbing misconnections? Campaign information and resources are available on the ConnectRight website.

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