CIPHE launch manifesto

CIPHE Manifesto 2019

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The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) has launched its manifesto, calling on the new parliament and new parliamentarians to understand the huge role the engineering community will play in the future success of the United Kingdom.

Covering major issues such as the safety, health and welfare of the public, the environment, education, regulation and licensing; the CIPHE’s manifesto sits the plumbing and heating industry in the centre of many key areas of Government policy such as health, education, housing, energy and the environment.

Kevin Wellman, CIPHE CEO, said, “There are many challenges ahead and it is clear we are entering a period of significant change. The CIPHE maintains long-standing accessible registers of specialists in plumbing, heating and renewables, and the UK is going to need identified skilled, qualified and competent engineers, in all disciplines, to achieve its domestic and international aims.

“As the Professional Body for the plumbing and heating industry, and a registered educational charity dedicated to protecting the public, the Institute is uniquely placed to give a voice to the industry, while upholding the interest of the general public, on matters that affect the very safety, health and welfare of the nation. There is overwhelming evidence that the public, and especially the vulnerable, are at risk through badly installed and poorly maintained plumbing and heating systems.

“To this end, the CIPHE’s manifesto outlines the main issues facing the industry and steps that should be taken by the Government to implement meaningful change.”

Download the CIPHE manifesto.