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CIPHE welcomes Herd Group as a new Industrial Associate.

Who are Herd Group? Find out more in their guest blog below: 


The Herd Group offer the most comprehensive range of commercial vehicles and fleet solutions available on the market.

Founded in 2014, the group have expanded rapidly to include several brands – Herd Business, Herd Connect and Herd Approved. Offering a ‘cradle to grave’ fleet mobility solution with services such as flexible vehicle rental, service and maintenance, vehicle tracking, accident, and management, alongside end of vehicle life services to maximise resale values of owned vehicles.

We’ve built our business with three clear principles in mind. One to offer the most comprehensive range of commercial vehicle and fleet solutions available. Two, to keep things admirably simple and straightforward for everyone involved. And three, our commitment to providing exceptional customer CARE and a can-do attitude to everything we do – nothing is ever too much.

Herd Synergy

Every business has different requirements for their fleet, but with one thing in common – maximising on-road usage. At Herd we’re driven to keep the wheels of your business turning – earning you money. Not spending downtime draining cash.

Our Herd Synergy approach means you can blend our three key service lines to exactly suit the needs of your business. We work with every customer to tailor-make a bespoke service level agreement and do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are operational 24/7. Our corporate and business clients love the great value, bespoke fleet solutions we deliver: no matter how big, small, or demanding your requirements.

Whether you have a single van or a thousand vans, you can scale up or scale down your fleet at any time, flexible and easy: that's our Herd Business approach. Herd Group offers the most comprehensive range of commercial vehicle and fleet solutions available.

Our van rental is flexible and hassle-free from 1 to 24 months long and has no early termination fees. Flexi rental is an affordable monthly rate if you need a van long-term but don’t want to sign a lease agreement. We combine the advantages of subscription without the early termination fees and the adaptability of conventional short-term rental to create a flexible option for long-term rental. Long-term rental offers improved rates with a shorter minimum commitment – the longer the term the better the rate.

The Herd Business van rental solution includes trackers and replacement loan vehicles. If you need your van customised with signwriting or specialist internal equipment or racking, all this can be accommodated. We work with every individual customer to develop a fleet solution so you can drive more business. Just tell us what you need and consider it done!

Our cutting-edge fleet management solution: Herd Connect, makes sure your fleet is always running at optimum capacity. Herd Connect is an innovator market disruptor: an ingenious new fleet management service for businesses of any size. With the cost-of-living crisis causing spiralling fuel and energy costs, the automotive industry is facing huge challenges.

Herd Connect allows businesses to focus on what they do best: growing the company and looking after customers. Customers can outsource entire fleet management from acquisition to disposal or opt-in to unplanned maintenance coverage only. This flexible, bespoke service caters to varying business budget priorities.

Herd Connect fleet management is one part of our Herd Synergy toolbelt available for companies of any size and sole traders that use light commercial vehicles. “We offer this service for a low monthly cost per bonnet for 12 months, with pay as you go maintenance and repairs costs reduced by using a network of preferred suppliers. We essentially become the fleet department, bringing a range of cost savings which allow business to focus on growth.

Vehicle disposal is the final phase of the fleet management lifecycle. Do you have vehicles that are end of life? Tap into our expertise and national resale network. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to remarketing your fleet including fleet auctions, inspections, repairs, and reserve prices.

As experts in fleet remarketing, Herd Approved help you obtain the best value for your vehicles at end of life and spec out your replacement vehicles from the very start to maximise your return.

It may be the final stage in the fleet management cycle; however, we understand how important and provide a robust disposal route to guarantee that disposal and replacement arrangements can be made within the correct timeframes.

Our team of experts will monitor your vehicle lifetime and notify you of disposal timescale, so disposal arrangements can be made several months in advance. The team at Herd Synergy will work with you to minimise operational costs which could arise at any time.

Herd Synergy looks after the smaller and larger businesses, as part of its primary CARE focus and with widening concerns about climate control, the Herd Group also looks after the planet too. With a wide-range of Herd Zero fully electric vehicles available for fleet transitions to net-zero emissions, businesses can further corporate responsibility through environmental sustainability.

We know there are a lot of things to consider when going green including charging stations, car park health and safety policies however with many of our inner-city companies having already made a full transition – we are fully equipped to understand the challenges and offer a full consultation on electric vehicle transition, from a slow drip-feed approach for beginners to trials for curious companies. We can supply charging stations as part of our Herd Zero package.

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