Defra's water conservation report

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Defra's recently published Water conservation report presents the government’s progress to promote water conservation and what needs to happen to drive even greater water efficiency.

The report includes a call for evidence on the prospect of raising of standards for domestic water use in building regulations to increase water efficiency; a goal towards which WaterSafe and the Home Builders Federation (HBF) are already working together with the publication of water-saving guidance for both developers and buyers of newly built homes.

Leaflets published with the HBF encourage developers to include a range of energy and water-saving features and help property owners make the most of their water-efficient homes.

Developers are encouraged to equip new homes with water-efficient showerheads, dishwashers and washing machines; aerated taps; dual-flush toilets; and, for the garden, greywater or rainwater harvesting systems; water butts and drought-resistant plants.


Watersafe Guest blog