Draft Proposal for Alternative Back Flow Prevention Arrangement for WC Suites


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The CIPHE’s interest in backflow prevention pre-dates the Water Regulations and through our longstanding relationships with the BMA (Industrial Associate) and water companies (WaterSafe) we are pleased to bring your attention to this consultation.

If you have an interest in this important topic and want your voice to be heard, please complete the survey at your earliest convenience. We will update members on the consultation findings in a future edition of P&H Engineering.


WC suites have been the centre of ongoing discussions for a considerable time in our industry. Water company's concerns were raised with "blue water" or water being drawn from the WC cistern back into the plumbing system, noticeably increasing. While still, a tiny percentage, water companies immediately took action to understand the increase in these incidents.

A panel of experts, made up of bathroom manufacturers and water company representatives, therefore came together to review the backflow requirements against modern designs of WC suites. Defra had encouraged both parties to work constructively together to identify the causes of the blue water incidents and to act swiftly to find a solution that put public health first.

The team investigated through research and testing to propose a specification that could be applied safely to modern WC suites, without a need to radically change the contemporary designs, required for the market today.

This proposal now enters a consultation period, presented by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and water companies for feedback from all interested stakeholders for six weeks,
ending on the 12th November 2020.

All member responses will be very gratefully received.

With thanks and best wishes

Tim Sainty
Membership Director