Go green this new year

Green home

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If you’ve somehow managed to miss the news headlines about COP26, net-zero and rising fossil fuel prices where have you been? We should all be doing our bit to live more harmoniously with the environment, whether that’s cutting down on water waste, topping up the efficiency of your home or just taking steps to avoid plumbing disasters. The CIPHE can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle throughout the whole of 2022 with this selection of green resolutions:

I resolve to have my boiler regularly serviced

Did you know that regular servicing can extend the working life of your boiler and make sure it works efficiently and effectively for the year ahead? You should have central heating boilers and other heating appliances serviced yearly. If you have a condensing boiler, make sure that the condensate pipework is protected against freezing too, or you may have issues in extreme cold weather conditions.

I resolve to improve the energy efficiency of my home

Did you know that relatively cheap home improvement projects such as loft insulation and draught-proofing can help you save energy in your home? Good insulation can help keep your energy use and heating bills low, so its win-win when it comes to having a cosy home.

I resolve to insulate my pipes and inspect my cold-water storage cistern

While we are on the topic of energy efficiency, there are parts of your home that will always feel the cold, e.g., the roof space. Winter weather can change in an instant and you may have various pipes and cisterns in the attic. Ensure that any storage systems and exposed pipes are properly insulated, to stop the risk of freezing and bursting.While you are in the loft, inspect your cold-water storage cistern (tank) regularly and, if it is metal, make sure it is not corroding. Call in your Registered Plumbing Professional if there is any sign of a problem.

I resolve to ensure I use my appliances effectively

Did you know that using your washing machine at 30 or even 20 degrees can save you money on your energy bills? Or that majority of dish washers will use the same amount of water and energy on a half load as they will a full load? If we all use our appliances in a more environmentally friendly way, those small steps at home can have a big impact.

I resolve to buy water and energy efficient products

The next time you need to replace an appliance, make sure you buy one with a good energy efficiency and water efficiency rating. Energy and water efficient products will not only save you money, they also help the environment too. Check out the Unified Water Label for water efficient bathroom products: http://www.europeanwaterlabel.eu/

Alternatively, talk to your local plumbing or heating specialist about the changes you can make in your home.

I resolve to find my stop-valve (stopcock)

Plumbing emergencies involving a serious leak can cause devastating damage to your home and possessions. It can also waste a vast amount of water too. If you do anything this year, make sure you find out where your stop-valve is located on the incoming water supply main and label it. If you have a plumbing emergency, you’ll use this valve to turn your water supply off. Check occasionally that it is working and find the location of any drain valves on the system too.

I resolve to stop ignoring minor plumbing problems

Dripping taps or continuously running overflow pipes are a sure sign that your plumbing system requires maintenance. For those on water meters, wasted water will have an impact on your bills too. Don’t ignore it, or you could have a major (and expensive) problem on your hands. The CIPHE recommends plumbing systems have an annual MOT style service to ensure they are working safely, effectively and efficiently.

Need a plumbing or heating engineering professional in your area to help you carry out these green resolutions? Check out the CIPHE Find a Plumber page