Guest Blogs

Blogs on a range of plumbing and heating industry issues, written for CIPHE members by relevant partners and Industrial Associates.


The future of Fleet Management

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Industrial Associate, Business 

Keeping your fleet on the road is critical for operational delivery and service. Find out how the Herd Group can help with an ingenious solution to outsource your entire fleet management.  

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Aluline Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Grease Trap Innovation



Industrial Associate, Sustainability 

This year marks a significant milestone for Aluline, a pioneer in grease trap technology and environmental sustainability, as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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Herd Group - Customer Case Study

herd vans


Industrial Associate, Business 

Herd Group - Customer Case Study: Smith & Byford

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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Choices For The Home



Industrial Associate, HVAC 

Richard Soper, of The Unico System, emphasises the crucial role HVAC technology plays in ensuring comfortable residential environments, focusing on heating, cooling, and air quality provision. Despite homeowners typically employing various products and methods to meet these needs, they often operate independently.

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Introducing KNIPEX



Industrial Associate 

CIPHE welcomes KNIPEX as a new Industrial Associate.

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Introducing BMA



Industrial Associate 

CIPHE would like to introduce Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) an existing Industrial Associate.

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Five Ways The Unico System Enhances Well-being

Blog Jan 24


Industrial Associate, Well-being 

The Unico System, with its cutting-edge technology and design, provides a 3-in-1 home climate control solution that includes heating, cooling, and ventilation for perfect home climate control. 

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Absence in the workplace




The Office For National Statistics reports that an estimated 185.6 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury during 2022 in the UK. This equals 5.7 days per worker.

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Low Temperature Heating; the bigger picture

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Industrial Associate, Low temperature heating 

In an effort to help decarbonise building stock, more and more heating systems are being designed with lower flow temperatures. Myson offers a comprehensive product range equipped with diverse solutions tailored for every application, find out more in their blog.  

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