UK Power Networks kicks on with Be Bright Stay Safe campaign

Ben Hershey Danger

In Construction industry, Electricity, Health and safety

Did you know that each year people are killed or seriously injured when they accidentally come into contact with high voltage electricity? This can have a far-reaching and devastating effect on family, friends and colleagues. UK Power Networks delivers electricity across the East, South East and London and its on-going 'Be Bright Stay Safe' campaign is designed to reduce the number of these incidents by raising awareness of the dangers everyday trade activities can bring.

Electrocution is a particular hazard for tradespeople where digging, drilling, construction and demolition is a part of everyday works. The ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ campaign reminds installers to:

  • Contact your network operator (e.g., UK Power Networks) in advance of works to obtain relevant cable plans or to request disconnections. The cable plans will only show the indicative route and not the route to the property.
  • Ensure the cable plans are shown to and understood by those on site before starting work.
  • Confirm the cable location by using a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT).
  • Complete a risk assessment and ensure it covers electrical hazards.
  • Identify if the electricity service is connected to the property via underground or overhead cables.
  • Look around for anything in the vicinity that would have an electricity service such as streetlights, CCTV cameras and meter box. Identify where the cables are.
  • Look for electrical wires, cables and equipment near to where you are going to work and check for warning signs and any other hazards.
  • Identify where it is safe to work. Put up danger notices where there are still live circuits.
  • Make sure everyone on site is aware of the presence and location of electrical cables.
  • Use a cable detector for internal use, designed to detect Alternating Current voltages, studs and metal.
  • Consider using a Residual Current Device (RCD) between the electricity supply and equipment.


Want to find out more? 

The CIPHE has been a long-time supporter of the campaign and you can get involved too. You can download safety leaflets, make a pledge to ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’, and discover more about the campaign on the UK Power Networks website