This is Engineering Day

This Is Engineering Day

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This is Engineering Day 2021 is taking palace on the 3rd November and lands at the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, otherwise known as COP26. The UK is hosting the conference this year in Glasgow, offering a chance for all UN countries to agree on how to tackle climate change. 

Meeting the COP26 ambition of making the world net zero by 2050 will affect us all. From how we heat and light our homes, to how we produce our food, how we build our houses and cities to how we travel around, our future daily lives will be shaped by engineers and engineering.

This is Engineering Day aims to raise awareness of how engineers make a difference in the world and celebrate how engineers shape the future. This year the event will be asking what will a net zero world look like in 2050? How will the world be shaped by engineers to mitigate the effects of climate change and help us live a more sustainable life tomorrow?

The day is once again supporting Tomorrow’s Engineers Week – a week long annual celebration, highlighting to young people that engineering is a creative, problem solving, exciting career that improves the world around us.

Get involved

Please show your support on social media to help celebrate engineers and how they make a difference to our work and in the world using #ThisisEngineeringDay and tagging @ThisisEng.

You can also visit a new virtual museum: The Museum of Engineering Innovation. The museum celebrates the often-unseen engineering that is all around us. It serves to shine a spotlight on the engineers that are making a difference in our everyday lives. Visit now at The Museum of Engineering Innovation

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