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Customer Case Study: Smith & Byford

Smith and Byford are a family-owned building services company, established in 1966.

Employing over 400+ members of staff, they specialise in delivering gas, electrical and building maintenance services to over 80,000 properties across London and the South East of England.

Herd Group have been supplying fleet to Smith and Byford since 2017. We are their first port of call for long term vehicle hire, due to our quick timeframes on vehicle delivery and our all-round excellent account management.

Currently operating 232 light commercial vehicles on long term rental, a mixture of short wheelbase and car derived vans. Smith and Byford like the Herd approach of providing a solution exactly suited to their business requirements.

All vehicles are customised before delivery with brand signwriting, bespoke racking, deadlocks, roof bars and trackers, so once the vehicles are delivered, they are ready to hit the roads.

Choosing the right vehicles to add to a fleet can be a minefield with lots of variables to consider. At Herd we make this easy with our bespoke consultancy approach and with our experienced team of technicians we have developed a turnkey customisation solution for Smith and Byford, which provides the safe and effective use of technical tool kit and supports their day-to-day requirements.

Sandra Barrett, Smith & Byford Fleet Manager said,

“We rely heavily on our vehicles, and they are one of the largest expenses we face, so being able to take advantage of long-term hire rates is a massive help to our stability as a business and Herd Group lead the way in the market.”

“We know we are getting good value rates, quality vehicles and fittings from Herd and they work with us to ensure we minimise back-end charges. Every one of the account team has a ‘can-do’ attitude and provides exceptional customer service in everything they do.”

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