Earth Day 2023: P&H Installers Urged to Educate Public on Water Efficiency

Earth Day 23

In Water efficiency, Heating, Plumbing

With Earth Day 2023 acknowledged this month, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is urging plumbing and heating installers to consider their role in environmental protection. 

The global day of action focusses on protecting Earth’s natural resources for future generations and, with the UK using 14 billion litres of water every day*, Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE believes educating customers on water saving measures is fundamental.

Earth Day is a great reminder to act on water waste for the good of the planet,” says Kevin. “Working in an industry that deals primarily with water use means installers have a core role to play. System efficiency is key. Therefore, educating homeowners, proprietors, landlords and facilities managers on how to get the most from systems could make a real difference.”

One of the main reasons for water waste is unattended leaks. Allowing leaks to go unchecked can add to water bills as well as cause damage to the property. The CIPHE says a home health check – in which a qualified plumbing engineer inspects a home for leaks or other waste points – can help a household save water and reduce their bills.

The CIPHE’s home health checklist encompasses water safety, heating, controls, hot and cold water services, above and below ground drainage, as well as renewables. They also recommend that installers check for corrosion as well as reviewing pipe sizing and installation.

Kevin said: “Plumbing and heating engineers have an ideal opportunity to identify not only any leaks in a system, but other ways a household can be more water efficient. Regular checks will ensure that all components are working efficiently and preventing water loss. With Earth Day inspiring action to improve our impact on the environment, installers can provide real value by talking to customers about water-saving opportunities and conducting a home health check.

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