Stelrad launches electric radiator series

stelrad electric

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Leading radiator manufacturer - Stelrad - has taken another major step in meeting the demands of its customer base across the UK and Ireland with the launch of a range of electric radiators – its Electric Series. It’s the first time the Stelrad brand has ventured into the electric marketplace, and it brings with it the quality and brand values associated with its radiator products since it began manufacturing in 1936. The new range of electric radiators is available from merchants from 1st September.

The range includes a dozen or so different models with a number of sizes of each model available, with standard radiators for any room along with a selection of towel rails specifically targeted at bathrooms and en-suites. 

As well as offering effective, functional heating in the home, as you would expect from Stelrad, the radiators in the Electric Series are aesthetically appealing and provide attractive options for the décor in the home and come with a five-year warranty on the heating parts and a two-year warranty on the electric components.

The new range includes a number of exciting new products – like the Stelrad Electric Column design – a rounded vertical tube column radiator available in three sizes in both white or anthracite grey. There’s the Stelrad Electric Agata and the Agata E-Flow - a straight, flat tube towel rail design, featuring five banks of three tubes with spaces between each bank, available in three sizes in both white and anthracite grey. It combines modern design with functional heating and energy saving features. The E-Flow towel rails in the range feature a fan heater at the base of the towel rail and include manual controls for individual use of the towel rail or the fan heater, or both together as a 3 in 1 unit.

On the aluminium front, there’s the Stelrad Electric Alu Simple Dry and Simple Fluid - available in three sizes in either white or anthracite grey. The matching colour digital thermostat is included with each model along with its remote control. It’s a sassy design for any style room – that looks at home in any surroundings.

There’s the Stelrad Electric Cloud – a fashionable, smooth fronted, curved faced steel radiator comes in four models, in white and anthracite that offers a chic heating option for any room in the house. Exceptional warmth and remarkable energy efficiency wrapped up in a single solution.

And the Stelrad Electric Cobalto and Cobalto E-Flow – a trendsetting flat tube towel rail combines captivating good looks with exceptional heating efficiency and offers a sensational solution for heating in the home. An answer to those selection headaches when seeking a modish addition to the home’s décor, the Cobalto is simply stunning. As with the Agata the Cobalto E-Flow towel rails feature a fan heater at the base of the towel rail and include manual controls for individual use of the towel rail or the fan heater, or both together as a 3 in 1 unit.

Not to be overlooked there is the Stelrad Electric Fantasia a mirage of a tubular towel rail – available in white or anthracite to match or contrast with colour schemes and designs in the home – that offers the kind of clarification demanded by designers looking to unravel the complexities of style and opulence. Quite simply the tubular solution of choice.

“We are delighted to be able to launch this exciting addition to our range to the heating sector at an important time for us all,” says Stelrad Head of Marketing Chris Harvey. “These are exciting times for us as a business but its great to have this new series available as we enter the traditional heating season, when many people are looking for new ideas and new options. With a large proportion of the UK and Ireland looking for heating options for off the grid installations, and others keen to explore the all-electric solution to heating in the home, we are making available a new selection of good looking radiators to adorn homes across the country and to provide a new option for homeowners looking for something a little bit different in what are interesting times for us all.”

The Stelrad Electric Series provides a range of exciting new options where direct electric heating is the chosen option for a home. Head for the Stelrad website at for further details.

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