Elevating Fire Safety Awareness: A Roadmap to Essential Training for Plumbing and Heating Engineers

Fire Safety

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In 2022, the implementation of the Building Safety Act ushered in significant changes to building regulations, particularly concerning "Higher Risk Buildings." This legislation empowers regulators to enforce competency standards for individuals involved in controlled building work. Therefore, staying informed through specialised training is essential.

Plumbing and Heating Engineers, in particular, must possess a comprehensive understanding of the planning, design, and construction aspects of their work locations. Additionally, they need to embrace accountability and ensure the dissemination of necessary information throughout the project lifecycle.

For installers seeking to enhance their fire safety knowledge, free training is available on the CITB website. This comprehensive program consists of five modules, each designed to deepen understanding and skills. While completion may take approximately an hour, participants will undergo knowledge checks throughout. Upon completion, a certificate of achievement is awarded, valid for five years.

Access the training here: CITB Fire Safety Training