Dry July Campaign Urges Public to Conserve Water Amidst UK Water Crisis

Dry July

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Waterwise are launching a new initiative to raise awareness about the pressing need for water conservation during hot weather in the UK. The Dry July campaign aims to draw the public’s attention to the importance of using water wisely, reducing consumption, and ensuring environmental sustainability to avoid restrictions. By sharing key messages on social media and implementing practical tips, individuals can play a crucial role in preserving water resources this summer.

The UK is currently grappling with a severe water crisis resulting from the combined effects of climate change, population growth, and rising demand. The nation has experienced erratic climatic conditions marked by reduced rainfall and dry spells, which have led to frequent dry summers and droughts. 

Between July 17th and 28th, 2023, we are embarking on an extensive campaign to mobilise our network and support households and businesses in adopting simple yet impactful actions to reduce water usage. The focus will be on summer-specific activities, such as watering plants and lawns, using paddling pools, washing pavements, decking, and cars, and general cleaning. By taking these measures, we aim to maintain reservoir levels and prevent the need for water restrictions, such as hosepipe bans. These restrictions typically arise when reservoir volumes reach critically low levels, and water demand is on the brink of exceeding supply capacities.

This summer, let’s all be water-wise and encourage others to do the same. By collectively embracing water conservation practices, we can combat the water crisis and ensure a sustainable future for all.

For more information, tips on saving water, and updates on the campaign, please visit https://www.waterwise.org.uk/dry-july/ 



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