Air Source Heat Pumps

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Heating our homes currently accounts for a huge 13-14% of the UK's total carbon emissions. An Air Source Heat Pump is a low-carbon way of heating a home. They absorb heat from the outside air and use it to increase the temperature in the home. Air source heat pumps are positioned outdoors, at the side or back of the property, and need plenty of space around them for air to circulate.

Steve Willis Training Centres in Burgess Hill, West Sussex are now offering two courses for Air Source Heat Pumps: September & October 2023 dates are currently available. 

The Installation, Commissioning, and Servicing of Air Source Heat Pumps (non-refrigerant system) OFT21-504A. The course covers a variety of areas including health and safety, regional legislation and requirements, safe electrical isolation, factors to be considered before and during installation, filling and flushing requirements, appliance installation, soundness tests, operational checks, and procedures, fault-finding identifying unsafe situations and practical servicing and commissioning.

The Design of Heat Pump Systems OFT21-504D course covers a variety of areas including sizing of systems and selection of components, relevant legislation, ground source collector circuit design and sizing, open and closed loop systems, heating circuit design requirements, energy efficiency, pipework, heat emitters, and low-temperature hot water system design.

If you are an experienced heating engineer looking to expand your knowledge and skills, please click HERE to find out more. 

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