Cistermiser’s EasyflushEVO water efficient toilet flushing valve gains WRAS approval


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Cistermiser, a leading manufacturer of water and energy saving solutions for commercial and public sector washrooms, has gained WRAS product approval for its EasyflushEVO water efficient toilet flushing valve. This latest accreditation is a further accolade for EasyflushEVO, which recently achieved Kiwa UK Regulation 4 status, alongside winning multiple industry awards.

WRAS, the Water Regulations Approval Scheme, is an independent, ISO 17065 accredited UK certification body that certifies plumbing products and materials following rigorous tests in accredited laboratories. WRAS product approval demonstrates that a material or water fitting, when installed, complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws – and therefore should be of an appropriate quality and standard and should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply.

WRAS product approval has been granted for all three variations of Cistermiser’s EasyflushEVO flushing valve: EVO 1.5”, EVO 2” and EVO CISTERN – the complete flushing cistern kit, which includes an EasyflushEVO flushing valve, a fill valve and a concealed cistern with a 1.5” flush pipe outlet and flush cone.

The sensor activated EasyflushEVO has been specifically engineered to eradicate water leakage from dual flush toilets. It is estimated that every day, approximately 400 million litres of clean, fresh water leaks from UK toilets, mainly dual flush types. Manufactured with traditional drop valves, dual flush toilets are susceptible to leaks because the seal is situated below the cistern’s water line and can degrade due to the presence of limescale and debris in the water. This causes water to trickle from the cistern into the toilet bowl, often undetected. EasyflushEVO does not have a flush seal below the water line and therefore leaks are prevented.

EasyflushEVO is simple to install in either retrofit or newbuild applications and can be powered via mains electricity or four AA batteries. Its non-touch sensor ensures ease of use, while also negating the need to handle flush controls, minimising the risk of cross-contamination.

David Meacock, Cistermiser’s technical director, said: “Manufacturers have various routes available to demonstrate that their products comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws. WRAS is a highly regarded, trusted certification body. Many commercial and public sector organisations are aware of WRAS, with preference often given to approved products – we therefore believe this certification will positively influence specification and purchasing decisions. WRAS operates a comprehensive directory, which architects, specifiers, facilities managers and plumbing installers can use to source compliant products that keep water safe and help to save water, energy and money.

“Gaining WRAS approval for all three variations of EasyflushEVO is a major achievement and is significantly advantageous for the solution – which, with its unique patented design, can easily and effectively rectify water wastage from dual flush ‘leaky loos’. EasyflushEVO has already achieved Kiwa UK Regulation 4 product approval, has won multiple industry awards and is being installed in some prestigious projects across the UK. This latest accolade further demonstrates EasyflushEVO’s high build quality, offers assurances that it meets regulations and recognises its water efficiency benefits.”

Each EasyflushEVO can save up to 146,000 litres of water per year. Installing just 25 EasyflushEVO flushing valves could also offset over 1.5 tonnes of carbon annually, as around five to six per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions derive from our use of water. For further information, please visit

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