Creating change through awareness campaigns


The CIPHE aims to raise awareness and create change on a number of issues affecting the health and wellbeing of the nation. This includes:

  • Public health issues
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Consumer protection
  • Wellbeing of those in the industry.

As a registered educational charity, it's the CIPHE's remit to bring to the fore major issues affecting the public and the plumbing and heating industry.

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Enhance your knowledge on a range of subjects, from the importance of public toilets to water safety and on to improving workplace culture to enable better mental health.

CIPHE Manifesto

The CIPHE's manifesto calls on parliamentarians to understand the huge role the engineering community plays in the future success of the United Kingdom.

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Love your local lav

With the Great British public toilet in decline, the lack of loos is a growing and widespread public health issue hitting towns and cities across the UK.

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Safe water

The Safe Water campaign aims to raise consumer awareness about the dangers that can lurk in plumbing systems, including legionella, scalds and burns.

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Flip 'n' flush

The CIPHE is advising everyone to flip down the toilet seat before they flush, to help stop the spread of coronavirus, germs and bacteria spread by toilet plume.

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Plumbing with renewables

The CIPHE is encouraging homeowners and developers to consider sustainable alternatives to traditional heating and hot water systems to lower carbon footprints.

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Under Pressure

The CIPHE and member magazine, P&H Engineering, launched the Under Pressure campaign to address mental health problems in the construction industry.

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The true value of a professional

The effect of hiring a rogue tradesperson can be devastating. Our latest campaign highlights the far-reaching negative impact of their actions and how to engage a professional.

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Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is a persistent and growing problem in the UK. In basic terms, it's when a household is unable to afford to heat their home to an adequate temperature.

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Water Poverty

The water poor are those who simply cannot afford the cost of their water and sewerage services.  

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