Clean heat market mechanism Consultation


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The government announced recently its Clean heat market mechanism consultation.

The CIPHE would like to share the details of the consultation that seeks views on the design of a market-based mechanism to support the development of the market in low-carbon electric heat pumps. 

In this consultation, they are seeking views on a range of design features of the planned scheme, including proposals for:

  • Scheme targets, technologies in scope and weightings for the early years of the scheme
  • Credit trading within the scheme
  • The collection, handling and use of the data required for the scheme
  • Scheme administration, compliance and enforcement

This proposed mechanism will create a market incentive to grow the numbers of heat pumps installed in existing premises each year, providing the industry with a clear, long-term policy framework for investment and innovation.

To find out more and share your views click here

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 8 June 2023.