Worshipful Company of Plumbers (WCP)

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers (WCP) is one of the oldest Livery Companies in the City of London. It still actively supports the craft, the City and those less fortunate. Many CIPHE members are also active in the WCP, meaning both organisations share strong links and common ground on many issues.


Number 31 in the order of precedence for Livery Companies, the WCP was established over 650 years ago, having been granted its Ordinances in 1365. This ancient organisation has kept many of the old traditions alive, while also moving with the times. Its Annual Lecture holds a special place in the industry for attracting top speakers on a range of important (and often hard hitting) issues.

Aims and objectives

The WCP’s aims and objectives are represented by Craft, City and Charity held together by Fellowship.


To encourage excellence in plumbing by:

  • Supporting and promoting the history of the craft.
  • Supporting and recognising individuals, organisations and institutions who achieve excellence in plumbing standards, education and technical development.
  • Influencing and raising the profile of key future plumbing developments related to safety, public health, sustainability and water conservation.


To support the City of London and the Mayoralty by:

  • Supporting City and livery functions.
  • Encouraging liverymen to actively participate in City elections.
  • Raising funds for Lord Mayor’s Charities.


To raise funds and be involved in charitable and educational work by:

  • All members contributing to the charitable and educational trust.
  • Providing bursaries and awards to support and encourage excellence in plumbing standards, education and technical development.
  • Providing donations to City, water and plumbing related charities.


To generate friendship in the company by:

  • Providing an active social calendar for like-minded people.
  • Organising high quality company events which maintain the standards and traditions of the livery.
  • Utilising the latest communication and publishing methods.

Work with CIPHE

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers and the CIPHE have strong links and have collaborated closely on a number of projects and scheme including:

The Master, Journeyman and Apprentice Certificates

The CIPHE in collaboration with WCP and City & Guilds were founding members of the Master Plumber Certificate, which now includes similar schemes for 15 Livery Companies.

Find out more about the Master, Journeyman and Apprentice Certificates. 

Tools and equipment bursary

The CIPHE is happy to support Trainee member applications for the WCP’s bursary scheme. Student’s working towards NVQ Level 3 MES (Plumbing) or equivalent can apply for the Worshipful Company of Plumbers tools and equipment Bursary which offers grants of up to £1000.

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Worshipful Company of Plumbers

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Master Plumber Certificate

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Collaboration is key

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