Celebrate World Plumbing Day

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Sunday the 11th March is no ordinary day to plumbers around the globe; it is in fact World Plumbing Day! So much more than just an annual event highlighting the global water and sanitation crisis, World Plumbing Day celebrates the role that plumbing, and plumbers play in safeguarding public health.

While we may feel a million miles away from the dangers of severe water shortages and the sanitation crisis seen in the developing world, the recent polar weather has been a big reminder on how valuable a professional plumber is.

How many people across the country are counting their lucky stars that they’d had a good plumber on hand to deal with burst pipes and boiler breakdowns? Plumbers often go as the nations’ unsung heroes, tackling disasters without a second thought, (though a nice cup of tea and a biscuit does help along the way), so its good that World Plumbing Day makes us take a step back at look at the work plumbers do every day.

CEO of the CIPHE, Kevin Wellman, commented, “A Plumber’s worth should never be underestimated. After all, safe water and sanitation is the very cornerstone of public health – without it disease and poverty would be rife.”

“Now-a-days plumbing and heating systems are complex, the pace of technological change is rapid and both troubleshooting and engineering skills need to be used on a day-to-day basis. The modern qualified plumber is a skilled engineer, business owner, accountant and marketer all rolled into one. The knowledge and competence a professional plumber attains cannot be learnt on a fast track course – it takes years of hard work and dedication, along with a commitment to lifelong learning.”

This is why this World Plumbing Day, the CIPHE has announced it will be investing further into its online learning resources to help inform and educate not just CIPHE members, but non-members too. Its well-received techtalk and smarttalk websites are being joined with online virtual reality tools, as well as an expansion of its already existing online videos and resources. You can find out more at techtalk-ciphe.org.uk and smarttalk-ciphe.org.uk

Find out more about World Plumbing Day at www.worldplumbingday.org or by following @WPlumbingDay on twitter.

So, before we sign off on this week’s blog, here’s just to say happy World Plumbing Day for the 11th March. May plumbers everywhere celebrate their trade - they do more to keep the world safe than many people will ever know.