Severn Trent supporting Coventry businesses through Green Recovery Grant Scheme

Severn Trent Grant scheme

In Water, Plumbing

Severn Trent is encouraging local industry-approved underground pipe installers to access its grant scheme as part of a £78 million project to upgrade up to 25,000 customer-owned water supply pipes across the city.

The project, which forms part of the company’s £566 million Green Recovery, is one of the biggest recent investments in local water networks and will protect safe, reliable and high-quality water supplies for Coventry.

By joining Severn Trent’s grant scheme, industry-approved plumbers will benefit from a steady stream of work across Coventry with the scheme being in high demand, with the company providing a generous grant contribution to complete the work. Installers can also complete the work for their current customers.

The grant will support Severn Trent’s commitment to replace customer owned supply pipes in Coventry, bringing benefits such as saving money, reducing the chance of leaks or bursts, and removing the risks associated with lead pipes.

Matt Yardley, of MJY Utilities in Coventry, joined the grant scheme this year. He said: “I find the Grant Scheme a very good way to build a small business. It injected good cash flow which has helped to make my business stronger and we invested in new plant and equipment. 

“I’ve had excellent communication with Severn Trent, and I have a great relationship with the Green Recovery team and received payments on time. I would recommend to plumbers that want to expand their business to join the scheme.”

Mellany Gould, Green Recovery Supply Pipes Project Manager at Severn Trent, said: “The last couple of years have been tough for local businesses, and we want to help. That’s why as part of our Green Recovery, our ‘Protecting Customer Supply Pipes’ scheme is offering the Supply Pipe Replacement Grant. 

“We want to update our local water networks to make them fit for the future, reduce the risk of leaks, and make the most of our water. Which is why we offer up to £1,300 through this scheme towards the replacement of customer-owned supply pipes where they are leaking or made of lead.

“We’d love to see as many local plumbers come on board as possible and help us with the upgrade.”

You can find out more about joining the scheme here: