Don’t waste water!


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While it’s only natural to reach for the hose to water the plants or fill up the paddling pool, the water savvy will be keeping an eye on water usage and, more importantly, water waste.

If you are on a water meter you may be a bit more prudent to save cash, but even if you are not, it’s still wise to conserve one of our most precious natural resources. With heat waves set to become more frequent due to climate change, we all need to get into the habit of doing our bit.

The CIPHE has put together the following water saving tips to help you cut your water waste and bills all year round (and not just over the summer months):

  • Fix any dripping taps or plumbing leaks - a dripping tap can waste more than 60 litres of water per week if it isn’t rectified!
  • As a general rule, take a shower rather than a bath.
  • Some showers can actually use more water than bathing (think super drenching power showers), so keep your shower routine short to save as much water as possible.
  • If you do have a bath, just fill it up with the water you need.
  • If showers, taps and toilet cisterns are coming to the end of their life, swap for water efficient models. If you are unsure, talk to your plumber, they will be happy to give their advice.
  • When brushing your teeth, turn off taps in-between rinsing your toothbrush.
  • Always turn taps off tightly so they do not drip.
  • Try to use electrical appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines when full. While modern high-end washing machines will calculate the load and use water accordingly, the majority of washing machines and nearly all dishwashers will use the same amount of water whether the machine is half empty or full.
  • When buying new appliances or water fittings, check to see if they carry the Unified Water Label – this will help you check both water and energy performance. Find out more at
  • Invest in rainwater butts to catch rainwater. This water can then be used to fill fishponds and water the garden – saving you money on your water bills. Check out our Top tips for saving water in the garden
  • And don’t forget you can use that paddling pool water to give your plants a drink!

The CIPHE always recommends you use a professional plumber to rectify plumbing problems, or to discuss the water saving measures you can take with your plumbing systems. To find a professional engineer in your area visit our find a plumber tool.