CIPHE hosts Water Efficiency into the Future Digital Event

Annual lecture

In CPD, Water efficiency

The CIPHE was pleased to host the Worshipful Company of Plumbers Autumn Lecture via Zoom on Thursday 28 October as Julie Spinks, Managing Director of the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS), and Yvonne Orgill, Managing Director of the Unified Water Label, discussed the issue of Water Efficiency.

With over 400 registrants, almost 200 of who attended the event live, Julie first looked at how we got to where we are, the availability of water as a resource and the size of the gap between supply and availability if usage continues at the current levels, before discussing the issue of non-compliant and non-approved products. Yvonne developed the theme further, highlighting mixed messaging on the importance of not wasting water, the urgency with which the plumbing industry needs to grasp this issue and the warning that, if it does not solutions will be imposed by those outside of it.

The event included live polls that showed:

  • even amongst members of industry there is a lack of clarity on how much water each person uses a day
  • there is overwhelming belief that only fittings meeting UK water regulations should be offered for sale in the UK
  • large support for restrictions on the availability of high-flow products
  • and a desire to see more CPD content delivered in this way,

The evening proved a great success and was brought to a close after 75 minutes with the questions and comments still rolling in

The recording of the session can be viewed below: