Avoid plumbing mishaps this bank holiday weekend

DIY damage

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The tills will be ringing out at DIY merchants across the land as we set to work in our homes and gardens over the long Easter bank holiday weekend. While there is much we can do to give our properties some well needed TLC and improve energy efficiency, householders are urged to be cautious when it comes to tackling those more complex projects, as some jobs should be left to the professionals.

Plumbing mishaps top the list of DIY disasters. They can lead to extensive water damage, or water contamination, both of which can be dangerous for your health and your bank balance. DIY on heating systems is a definite no, with incompetent works leading to potentially deadly issues such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning or gas leaks.

Plumbing mishaps can cost you a lot of money - especially if your home insurance policy does not cover accidental damage such as a nail through a water pipe, or you have attempted work that you are not competent to do. Unless you have the knowledge and experience to undertake work on plumbing and heating systems, it’s just not worth taking chances.

Additionally, the DIYer has to abide by exactly the same regulations as the qualified professional. Although you may think you are making the most of a bank holiday weekend, uninformed DIY can very easily become costly, stressful, dangerous and can land you in hot water with the law.

So, what work should you attempt on your plumbing systems?


  • Check out these energy saving measures that are suitable for DIY.
  • Inspect your guttering and drains for areas that may be blocked with fallen leaves or other debris over the winter months. Clear them if it is safe to do so, or call in a professional.
  • Fix any dripping taps. If you cannot do this yourself, call in a professional plumber.
  • Consider installing water butts in the garden for a sustainable source of fresh water to fill up fishponds or water plants.


  • Attempt jobs you are unqualified to do.
  • Attempt tasks at height.
  • Drill through walls without first checking for pipework or electrics.

Members of the CIPHE regularly rectify work carried out by people who have no formal plumbing training. If you do have a DIY disaster this bank holiday weekend and need to find a professional plumbing or heating engineer, visit our find a plumber online tool, and visit our plumbing emergencies page for advice.