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Unified water label white.jpgAs we begin 2021, the Unified Water Label Association is launching a new campaign, designed to help installers understand the benefits of using and promoting bathroom products that carry the Unified Water Label.

The campaign entitled ‘PLUG’ is based around a slogan of #dontforgettheplug and includes key messages as seen here:


the benefits of reducing water wastage


water, energy and carbon issues


how much water is used


from commercial advantage

The campaign is based around a comprehensive communication plan which is underway in the UK and will be rolled out via National Associations and partners across the EU later in the year.

The campaign will highlight that there is no single solution to creating change and driving forward the water efficiency agenda. It will demonstrate that the Unified Water Label plays a pivotal role in educating and is part of a collaboration of working together with all sectors of the industry.

Installers play an important role in educating consumers and bringing these products to their attention. There is an opportunity to benefit from Government plans to kick-start the economy with the green agenda by promoting the use of water and energy efficient products. Using water wisely helps conserve energy associated with heating water and decreases carbon emissions. With 15% of all carbon emissions generated from the domestic environment, water using bathroom products have a significant role to play.

Our campaign will also target other sectors, those involved in designing, specifying, and selling bathroom products, as well as consumers. We have a unique opportunity to come together and take advantage of an increased awareness of the green agenda, and a drive by governments to support carbon reduction programmes, to aid economic recovery.

Marketing collateral is available for anyone that wishes to support the campaign, email orgill@europeanbathroomforum.eu for more information or download the flyer.