Representation & outreach

Representing members and the plumbing and heating industry

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The CIPHE liaises with Government on a number of subjects affecting the plumbing and heating industry and consumers. Key issues the CIPHE is campaigning on include:

  • Public health - including scalding and legionella, water and fuel poverty
  • Increased support for the industry to help attain the Government's net zero aims
  • Apprenticeships and education, including increased support for SMEs
  • Greater enforcement of regulations and the introduction of a licence to practise.

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One of the benefits of CIPHE membership is that together, we can help get your voice heard by Government and the industry on a number of wide ranging professionally relevant issues.

Representing members and the plumbing and heating industry

Industry councils and initiatives

The CIPHE is involved with a number of different projects, working with partners across both the plumbing and heating industry and wider construction sector.

CIPHE working groups

The CIPHE runs a number of internal working groups which shape the CIPHE's aims, objectives and actions on issues at the heart of the Institute.

Construction and engineering organisations

The CIPHE is affiliated with a number of organisations such as Engineering Council UK, WaterSafe, Construction Industry Council and more...


The CIPHE runs regular national campaigns on issues affecting both the public and the plumbing and heating industry.