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Virtual reality

In Training, Continuing Professional Development

The digital world is changing rapidly, and so the CIPHE has been keen to embrace both 2D and 3D learning. In our latest blog we take a look at the CIPHE’s virtual reality (VR) continuing professional development (CPD) resources.

Working with Industrial Associates including Altecnic, Danfoss Controls, Fabdec, Polypipe, Salamander Pumps and Worcester Bosch, the CIPHE has launched a series of new 3D resources, aimed to educate members in a more hands on way.

techtalkVR and techtalkCPD technology will cover a wide variety of topics including legionella risk management, training on s plan and y plan wiring, augmented gas boiler servicing and more. Upon completion, CIPHE members will have the ability to achieve accredited CPD points and digital badges for validation.

VR technology allows users to explore appliances and systems in a virtual world. From solving common faults and issues, to getting to grips with how components within a system works, 3D tools allow you to get up close and personal with technology, in a 100% safe way.

The CIPHE has long been championing online CPD courses, recognising that in a busy world, time-poor installers find accessing online courses far easier than going to face-to-face presentations or workshops. While the ability to access learning wherever in the world you are, 24 hours a day, has revolutionised CPD, one of the problems with online learning is that it’s traditionally a one-way affair. The average person only remembers 20% of what they see, but remembers 90% of what they do, which is where the advantages of VR technology becomes clear.

Paul Harmer, Lead Technical Consultant for the CIPHE, commented: “I’m a firm believer that theory alone is useless and practical alone is dangerous, therefore giving our members the benefit of 3D technology is a major innovation in the way we deliver and partake in CPD.

“It’s really exciting to see the CIPHE at the forefront of this sphere of learning. The support from our Industrial Associates has been phenomenal. Working together, the new VR and augmented reality tools are changing the way we learn, from apprenticeship level all the way up to those attaining CEng status. I can’t wait to see where this will take us next.”

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