Henrad Compact Vertical Radiators Launched


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As a response to demand from installers who chose to install Henrad radiators on their projects and from independent merchants who stock the Henrad range, the company has decided the time is right to introduce the new Henrad Compact Vertical radiator range.

The popularity of vertical radiators has grown hugely in the past couple of years and installers in particular are keen to get their hands on vertical Compacts for replacement heating systems and for new build projects where the wall space for radiators may be limited or where there are perfect wall spaces for taller and less wide radiators – in hallways and landings and in nooks and crannies - where a radiator can be fitted easily and provide the heat for a room rather than using a larger horizontal radiator that may end up behind a sofa or a bed in smaller rooms that are becoming a feature of some smaller new build properties in particular.

“Vertical radiators are becoming almost the norm now with many new build properties having a mix of horizontal and vertical radiators and verticals becoming hugely popular in replacement heating systems where they can be added to a system on walls that didn’t necessarily have radiators on previously but which free up wall space where old horizontal radiators were fitted in a previous life,” says Head of Marketing at the Stelrad Radiator Group, Chris Harvey. “Vertical radiators add to the flexibility of a heating system design, allowing radiators to be fitted in many more locations than traditional horizontal ones without reducing the amount of heat they generate – in fact increasing it in many cases. They have become a vital part of the heating system in many cases and we’re seeing them specified far more often than even we expected when we first began their manufacture.”

Selecting radiators is all about sizing each room properly, calculating the heat loss calculations accurately and choosing the right radiator or radiators to achieve the correct level of heat sharing required for comfort heating in today’s modern homes. Vertical radiators provide a vital additional tool for heating system designers to ensure that the right radiators are selected and that each room maintains the correct level of warmth.

To find put more about the range of radiators available from the Henrad brand – head for www.henrad.co.uk.

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