The future of Fleet Management

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Keeping your fleet on the road is critical for operational delivery and service. Here the Herd Group, vehicle rental and fleet management specialists provide details of an ingenious solution to outsource your entire fleet management from vehicle acquisition, asset and driver management through to de-fleet, refurb and disposal.

Herd Connect, a complete end to end Fleet Management solution from the Herd Group, helps reduce fleet administration allowing businesses to focus on the company strategy.

The solution keeps everything in one place with an easy access dashboard login allowing a complete fleet overview. Herd Connect have pre-agreed reduced labour rates and parts discounts with a network of over 5,000 garages nationwide, meaning the solution is usually not only cost-neutral, but in many cases cost-positive, so can often actually add profit to a business bottom line.

Typically provided to SME's who don’t have their own Fleet Manager. This complete Cloud fleet management system offers expertise across fleet consultancy, fleet compliance, asset lifeline, full servicing and maintenance, smart fuel management, accident management, de-fleeting, refurb and disposal, to driver licence checking.

Powered by market leading Jaama fleet management software, Herd Connect provides a real-time fleet management portal to customers, ensuring complete fleet compliance and visibility for customers.  

Herd Group are an Industrial Associate of CIPHE, to see the full list of Industrial Associates check out the directory HERE