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One of CIPHE's Industrial Associates is KNIPEX.

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KNIPEX is the world's leading manufacturer of pliers for trade and industry. The family-owned company, now in its fourth generation, was founded in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, Germany in 1882. Its main business is the development and manufacture of pliers in about 900 variants, allowing demanding users to work effectively, easily and safely. With modern technology and vertical integration, KNIPEX manufactures more than 59,000 products every day, reaching customers in over 142 countries. Our business principles are based on a high degree of efficiency, continuous innovation and improvement and the recognition of human values. KNIPEX employs more than 1,500 workers on its Wuppertal site, and the KNIPEX Group with all subsidiaries employs more than 2,300 workers in total.

Going mobile

Work trends are changing. According to recent figures, the average distance travelled by construction workers to the site they are working on is 17 miles. Plumbing and heating engineers often find themselves on the move across various job sites, meaning they need to comfortably and securely transport their tools with them.  In larger urban areas, it’s not unusual to travel between sites on the bus or train. Recognising this, KNIPEX has developed a range of tool cases and backpacks which do the job comfortably and securely, whether you are on public transport or piling into a van.

Tough toolboxes ensure that tools are protected from the rigors of daily transport and use on varied job sites. Easy mobility saves time and energy, allowing for quick relocation from task to task, which is essential for efficiency. Well-organised cases make it easy to find and retrieve tools too, reducing downtime and frustration during critical work phases. A good toolbox projects professionalism, signalling a tradesperson's commitment to their craft and minimises the risk of loss or theft, which is especially important given the investment in high-quality tools.

"Our mission has been to engineer toolboxes that stand up to the daily demands of the trades,” says David Barnes, Marketing Manager at KNIPEX. “We know that strength and portability aren't just convenient; they're a necessity on the job. That's why our toolboxes are engineered to be tough and easy to transport, ensuring that tradespeople can rely on their gear being protected, accessible and organised — wherever their work may take them. It's not just about making a product; it's about finding out what the trade needs and designing it for them."

Dust-tight, waterproof and temperature resistant, the Robust45 Move Mechanic (00 21 37 M) is fit for the toughest operating conditions. It has loads of space - with a 45 litre volume, it comes equipped with 12 KNIPEX tools (90 brand tools in total) and has a whopping total of 147 inserting options, keeping every item organised, well protected and close at hand. The telescopic handle and large smooth running wheels make transporting it a breeze.

The Robust26 Move tool case (00 21 33 LE) is a fit-to-fly case, made from impact-resistant polypropylene. Smaller than the Robust 45, it has 19 tool pockets, 61 straps and a document compartment, meaning you can fit in all your tools and then some.  Magnetic recesses offer a practical storage area for small items and there is an integrated padlock fitting to keep all your tools secure. It also comes with an extendable, ergonomic handle, smooth-running wheels and an automatic pressure compensation valve, ideal for the tradesperson on the go. 

And for the ultimate in portability, the KNIPEX Modular X18 (00 21 50 LE) service backpack is ideal for the tradesperson who doesn’t want to compromise on which tools they take where. Holding up to 15kg, this backpack has a total of 21 straps, 37 pockets and a luggage strap, allowing it to be strapped securely to the telescopic handles of a case. FIDLOCK® connectors and adapters with fabric loops and MOLLE straps provide great options for individual tool storage. It’s easy to access too – the waterproof, 6 cm high base shell made of impact-resistant plastic ensures that the backpack stands firmly on the ground when open and closed so tools are easy to grab.

As the nature of trade work evolves towards greater mobility, KNIPEX has responded with innovation in tool transport. These solutions from KNIPEX not only cater to the practicalities of today's trades work but also enhance efficiency, safety and professional image on the job.

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