Introducing Netatmo


In Industrial Associate

CIPHE welcomes Netatmo as a new Industrial Associate.

Who are Netatmo? Find out more in their guest blog below:


Netatmo is a leading smart home company that creates simple and smart products for a safer, more comfortable home. Since its launch in 2012, Netatmo has been committed to designing products that are:
- 100% inclusive: no subscription fees or extra costs
- 100% secure: data protection and privacy guaranteed
- 100% upgradeable: free upgrades and features added regularly

To date, Netatmo has launched 13 smart home devices and accessories. Helpful and easy to use, these products make everyone’s daily life easier while improving well-being at home. In addition to its consumer product lines, the company collaborates with key leaders of the building industry through its “with Netatmo” program to develop smart solutions that integrate into the home’s infrastructure.

In 2018, Netatmo joined the Legrand Group, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Three Simple Steps to Beat Higher Bills and Reduce Energy Consumption with Netatmo

Higher bills are here to stay, according to energy boss, but Netatmo is helping UK residents to keep calm and adjust to a new, more sustainable way of running their home by saving electricity.

Earlier this year, the boss of Norwegian energy giant Equinor said he does not expect gas and electricity bills to return to the levels they were before Covid, but Netatmo’s Smart Home is softening the blow to UK residents’ bank accounts, while helping them to live more energy-efficient and sustainable lives.

To cope with the energy crisis and reduce their electricity bills, many households and businesses are turning to smart solutions that allow them to control their consumption and make savings. There are many effective Smart Home solutions for viewing, planning and controlling consumption, but the Home + Control application brings together a large number of products and features from different brands to help you better manage your home electricity expenses.

Step 1: Visualisation
The first step to saving electricity is to understand exactly where it is being spent. Detailed graphs available on the Home + Control application provide a comprehensive overview of the home's energy consumption, in real time. The application’s integrated contract selector displays the real cost of consumption of every individual electrical appliance and piece of equipment.

Step 2: Remote control and planning
Once users can identify the items that consume the most energy, they can better understand where and how savings can be made. With the Home + Control application, you can restrict individual items and avoid wasting electricity.
Users can easily control their lighting, roller shutters, electrical appliances, and the most energy-consuming equipment, such as water heaters or electric vehicle charging points, all from their smartphone, wherever they are. For example, users can switch off their home heating from the car if they accidentally left it on, or program kitchen appliances to turn on only as mealtimes approach, and turn themselves off afterwards.

Step 3: Automatic load shedding
Thanks to parameters defined in the Home + Control application, when consumption reaches a predefined threshold, the user is alerted via their smartphone, and some of the electrical appliances are proactively switched off to avoid overloading. Priorities are assigned by default to each type of appliance but can be customised at any time in the application, to ensure maximum energy efficiency, without ever sacrificing home comfort.

The Home + Control application is available via the Apple Store and the Android Play Store.