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In an effort to help decarbonise building stock, more and more heating systems are being designed with lower flow temperatures. However, to really make a difference, it is important to not only adjust the temperature, but to consider the bigger picture. This includes choosing the correct emitters as well as selecting user-friendly controls that allow for precise temperature management. Every element can help to reduce energy consumption and thus contribute to more sustainable buildings. Myson attaches great importance to offering a complete product range with various solutions for every application.

Switching to low temperature heating has several important advantages, including:

  • Lower energy consumption: provided that the building is properly insulated, low temperature heating can reduce energy consumption by about 30%. That’s a win-win for the planet and for household budgets that are otherwise considerably set back by rising energy bills.
  • Energy source versatility: low temperature heating can be combined with various heat sources. Switching to low temperature heating doesn’t always mean switching to renewable energy. For example, appropriately designed low temperature hot water systems work efficiently with condensing boilers, and the heating system is already prepared for when the householder decides to transition to a fully renewable heat source.
  • Higher indoor comfort: Because of their low thermal inertia, low temperature radiators are able to adapt quicker and react more precisely to temperature changes. This way the room is always kept at the desired temperature, while the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room.
  • Added value for the interior design: When switching to a low temperature heating system, the integration of new heat emitters allows for an update of the interior design as well as an increase in property value. Modern low temperature radiators can aesthetically enhance the rooms in which they’re placed, while underfloor heating frees up wall space that can be used to integrate other interior design elements.

It’s a common misunderstanding that underfloor heating, or panel radiators operating with low temperature hot water systems, can take longer to reach the desired temperature when starting a system from cold. The reality is that this can be efficiently managed by maintaining the system at a setback temperature when the space is not occupied.  Smart heating controls are ideal for monitoring and maintaining comfortable temperatures. With wireless control systems like the new Myson Unisenza Plus range, it’s very easy to make different combinations and control the entire building through a single online app.


Tailored Solutions

When people think of low temperature heating, they often associate it with an underfloor heating system. Yet, most radiators are also suitable for low temperature heating, with a flow temperature of at least 45°C, provided that they are sized correctly. It’s a common misconception that only oversized or Type 33 radiators are suitable in such cases. The Myson product range offers many more options so it’s easy to select a solution tailored to the building and its occupants, whilst also recognising practical and budgetary constraints.

Where there is a requirement for rapid response or intermittent heating, direct electric radiators can be a suitable option. This is a particularly sustainable solution when used in conjunction with self-generated energy, for example, from photovoltaic panels.  Myson offers a comprehensive range of electric radiators to suit every taste including panel, plan, column and decorative models.

In addition to underfloor heating, hydronic and electric radiators, Myson offers designer radiators, column radiators, fan convectors, towel warmers, heating valves and controls to suit every need. Even where flow temperatures are further reduced to below 45°C, the product range provides fitting solutions with:

  • Ulow E2: an ultra-low temperature panel radiator which is powered by innovative E2 technology that automatically switches on the integrated fans, when needed, to support the natural convection of the radiator. The increased performance of the Ulow E2 allows for both lower temperature settings and reduced energy consumption.

  • iVector S2: a fan convector that offers high outputs in low temperature heating, but when paired with a reversible heat pump, also has full cooling functionalities. Thanks to its built-in controller that regulates the system’s parameters, optimal indoor comfort is guaranteed all year round. Various installation options, ranging from wall or ceiling mounted to wall or ceiling recessed, allow for smooth integration in any interior.

Chrome towel warmers in bathrooms can be an interesting challenge as the heat output is typically up to 30% lower than their equivalent painted models. Myson now has a suitable low temperature solution in addition to their wide range of traditional and modern towel warmers. The new double Topaz bathroom radiator is available in a variety of attractive colours and provides excellent heat outputs, thanks to its generous tubular water channels. It is the perfect specification towel radiator for low temperature heating systems.

Complete range for all needs

As a total solutions provider, Myson has carefully created a complete range that caters to all needs. Ranging from hydronic and electric radiators to underfloor heating, heating valves and electronic controls, all products are designed to offer the highest levels of comfort and efficiency.

While Myson advocates the benefits of a total system solution, they are very much aware that different projects have different requirements. Myson offers bespoke solutions that recognise the individual challenges associated with creating perfect indoor climates in a responsible and sustainable manner.  If you don’t want to replace the emitters, for example, but do want to save energy, Myson’s TRVs or new Unisenza Plus Electronic Thermostatic Heads help take a step in the right direction. Environments that require extra safety, such as healthcare settings or educational facilities, can benefit from Myson’s Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators, which have a safety-conscious casing and a surface temperature that remains below 43°C. Regardless of the application, Myson makes every effort to meet the needs of all with a complete range of high-quality products.  

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