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Need a vetted plumbing or heating professional?

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Plumbing health hazards include legionella, scalds, & carbon monoxide.

Read our safety tips
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Pipe leaking, no hot water, or smell gas?

Find out what to do in a plumbing emergency
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Find out the true value of a professional plumbing or heating engineer

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The importance of plumbing

Plumbing or heating systems rarely get a second thought. That is until something breaks down or you are planning a major upgrade to your home.

The CIPHE is here to help guide you through the world of plumbing and heating, from finding a first class engineer, to keeping you safe in your home. We can also help with advice on plumbing emergencies and how to complain if something goes wrong.


find an engineer

Find a plumbing or heating engineer

Our find a plumber online tool lets you find CIPHE registered plumbing and heating engineers in your area. Simply type in your postcode and hit search.

Identify and contact trusted specialists in a range of plumbing and heating industry disciplines.

Do you need to find a tradesperson who is:

  • Professional
  • Vetted for qualifications and experience
  • Committed to high standards
  • Local?

 Find a professional engineer in your area

Verify your engineer

Plumbing health hazards

Plumbing and heating systems go hand-in-hand with public health. From Legionnaires' Disease, to Carbon Monoxide, burns & scalds to lead poisoning, there are a number of risks associated with our water supply and heating systems if they are not properly maintained.

  • Know the risks
  • Find out how to avoid them
  • Protect your family

Visit the plumbing health hazards hub

Plumbing Hazards

Plumbing emergencies

From burst pipes, to blocked toilets, plumbing emergencies can be deeply unpleasant to deal with and cause extensive damage.

Find out what to do if you are caught out by:

  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Blocked sinks and toilets
  • Or the smell of gas

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Stop waste, save money

The cost of household utility bills keeps rising at an astronomical rate. While we should all be doing our bit to cut energy and water waste to help the environment, these actions can cut the costs of our bills too.

In this section you can find information on:

  • Fuel poverty
  • Water poverty
  • Top tips to cut energy bills
  • Top tips to cut water waste

Visit the water and energy hub


Complaints Support

The CIPHE offers a fair and independent complaints procedure to help resolve conflicts between members and their clients.

Complaints will be investigated and acted upon if any points of the CIPHE's Code of Professional Standards are contravened.

Most complaints are due to:

  • A breakdown in communication
  • Slip in schedules
  • Changes in specification or design mid-way through a project
  • Expectations that are not aligned

View our complaints support

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