Daikin marks inaugural Green Heating Gap Day MARKS INAUGURAL GREEN HEATING GAP DAY

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Eco-heating specialist Daikin UK is marking its inaugural Green Heating Gap Day this Friday (19th May). It symbolises the point in the calendar at which its most efficient heat pump effectively stops emitting carbon compared with the average gas boiler over a full year.

Daikin’s most efficient heat pump emits just over a third (38%) of the CO2 of the average gas boiler *, meaning that homeowners investing in this technology will effectively be heating their homes carbon-free for the rest of the year.

In highlighting this day, Daikin hopes to raise awareness of the significant environmental benefits that heat pumps offer to homeowners and the planet.

Research conducted by Daikin showed that 42% of homeowners polled did not know heat pumps are better for the planet than gas or oil powered central heating systems**.

The research also uncovered that 68% of homeowners didn’t know heat pumps are more efficient than gas boilers. Gas boilers operate at 70-90% efficiency compared to 300-400% for heat pumps. This means heat pumps are not only better for the environment, but they also leave households far less exposed to price changes on the global gas market and deliver significant cost savings across their 20-year lifetime.

Henk van den Berg, Head of Residential Business at Daikin UK, said: “By marking it as a date on the calendar, Green Heating Gap Day is a great way of illustrating the stark difference between the CO2 emitted by a heat pump compared to a gas boiler. Our own research has shown a lack of understanding around the environmental benefits of heat pumps among UK homeowners. And, for us, educating the public on this topic is key.

“Green Heating Gap Day builds on our sponsorship of the BBC Earth Experience venue - the Daikin Centre in Earls Court, London - and launch of the Daikin Climate Zone at the venue. Through these opportunities we are giving people the space to engage with a low carbon vision of the future. Some may already understand the importance of reaching net zero at a national level, but perhaps don’t know they can play their part simply by choosing a different way of heating and cooling their homes with a low or zero carbon system.”

Daikin will be marking Green Heating Gap Day at the Fully Charged Live North event in Harrogate this weekend (19th-21st May), where its most energy efficient unit, the Altherma 3 LT Split Wall Mounted air source heat pump, will be on display.

Daikin is an Industrial Associate of CIPHE, to see the full list of Industrial Associates check out the directory HERE