70,000th Registered Plumber for CIPHE

Sam Demeza

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Since 1886 the Register of Plumbers has been helping to protect the public from poor plumbing work. Now it has reached a very special milestone with the 70,000th Registered Plumber (RP), Sam Demeza, from Newmarket, welcomed into its revered ranks.

Developed to help promote skilled people carrying out professional work, the Register of Plumbers has been at the forefront in the struggle for licensing since its inception. In its time, the Register has been managed by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers (WCP), the Registered Plumbers Association (RPA) and, most recently, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE), which took over its management on merging with the RPA in 1970. Its role has been widened to move with the changing demands of the industry, with the Register of Heating Professionals introduced by the CIPHE in 2009.

70,000th Registered Plumber Sam Demeza, is managing director of Bentley Mechanical Services. He’s been a lifelong member of the industry, working his way up from being on the tools, after originally being an apprentice at the company under its founder, Stuart Bentley, who was also a CIPHE member.

Sam commented, "It was quite a surprise to find out that I was the 70,000th Registered Plumber, but it’s a title I'll happily wear with pride. Bentley Mechanical Services only employ skilled and experienced personnel, who are committed to providing workmanship at the highest of standards. The ethos of professionalism is core to what we do and what we stand for, so attaining CIPHE membership and Registered Plumber status was really important to me.”

For Sam and others on the Registers, standard CIPHE membership benefits are bolstered by the use of the designatory letters RP or RHP - to further distinguish qualifications and expertise - and the option to join CIPHE’s directory database to help promote their business.

Sam also believes CIPHE membership gives him an edge when it comes to pitching for new contracts, “I want prospective customers to see we are part of the Institute and we’re competent. Our commitment to quality gives us an edge over other contractors.”

CIPHE Membership Director Tim Sainty said, “It’s a fantastic achievement to hit 70,000 Registered Plumbers. There is just as much a need for registered professionals today as there was back in 1886 where the threat of water borne diseases such as cholera were fresh in people’s minds. Today, the issues around poor plumbing work still exist, but we have further challenges to tackle, such as water and energy conservation. Talented members of the plumbing industry will have a long-lasting impact on society for generations to come. “

To find out more about the Register of Plumbers, Register of Heating professionals or CIPHE membership, email membership@ciphe.org.uk, phone 01708 463116 or visit www.ciphe.org.uk