Guest Blogs

Blogs on a range of plumbing and heating industry issues, written for CIPHE members by relevant partners and Industrial Associates.


Five Ways The Unico System Enhances Well-being

Blog Jan 24


Industrial Associate, Well-being 

The Unico System, with its cutting-edge technology and design, provides a 3-in-1 home climate control solution that includes heating, cooling, and ventilation for perfect home climate control. 

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Absence in the workplace




The Office For National Statistics reports that an estimated 185.6 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury during 2022 in the UK. This equals 5.7 days per worker.

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Low Temperature Heating; the bigger picture

Myson banner


Industrial Associate, Low temperature heating 

In an effort to help decarbonise building stock, more and more heating systems are being designed with lower flow temperatures. Myson offers a comprehensive product range equipped with diverse solutions tailored for every application, find out more in their blog.  

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Introducing Quantum Training

ATC profile


Approved Training Centre 

CIPHE would like to introduce Quantum Training an existing Approved Training Centre.

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Introducing Cistermiser

Cistermiser banner


Industrial Associate 

CIPHE would like to introduce Cistermiser an existing Industrial Associate.

In this blog, David Meacock, the technical director explains how a simple flush valve upgrade can ensure dual flush toilets perform as intended and save water over their lifespan. 


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WaterSafe celebrates one of our most experienced members

Andy Steer


Plumbing, Watersafe, Heating 

WaterSafe-approved plumber, and CIPHE member, Andy Steer from AM Steer Limited, from East Sussex who, with 45 years’ experience under his belt, is one of our longest-serving members.

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The stress-free guide to Self Assessment

self assessment


Business Support, Business, Self-employed 

Self Assessment need not be daunting with HMRC’s simple steps on getting started. Whether you are self-employed, a business owner or maybe you have a side hustle in addition to your day job, this guide is for you.

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Your evolving rights to flexibility at work

Flexi working



For some time now, employees have had an ability to request from their employer changes to their working arrangements allowing them greater flexibility regarding how, when and from where they work. These rights are due to change in Spring 2024, find out the changes in this latest blog. 

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Introducing Herd Group



Industrial Associate 

CIPHE welcomes Herd Group as a new Industrial Associate.

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