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13 Domestic Swimming Pools


Pools have been installed in this country for many years and although there are some dating back to the nineteenth century it has only been in the last fifty years that they have become really popular. There are now many companies that have been designing and installing swimming pools for a substantial number of years and it is a large industry with two to three thousand pools being put in the ground each year.

These range from the large leisure centre pool incorporating swimming areas and recreational areas to the smaller club and school pools and down to the domestic pool in the family home. The primary aim being to provide clear, warm, water that is pollutant free and safe to swim in and enjoy.

The installation of a swimming pool is not a particularly difficult operation but like most specialities if you don’t know what you are doing things can go horribly wrong. It requires a great deal of specialist knowledge in the fields of construction, in some cases civil engineering, filtration, chemical treatment, and environmental control.

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) publishes Standards as a guide to best practice in the whole field of ’Swimming Pools’. The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers provides a home learning course for Technicians and organises four or five seminars per year on various topics. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) is a research body mainly concerned with the pool water. The Institute of Sport and Recreation Managers (ISRM) deals with the day-to-day operation of commercial pools and also runs various course in that area. The Institute of Leisure Amenity Managers (ILAM) also concerns itself with the running of commercial pools as well as other matters.

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