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04 Resource Efficient Design


Conservation has been described as the careful management and preservation of natural resources and the environment. Environmental Issues such as climate change, ozone layer destruction along with air and water pollution are having a greater  impact on building designs than in the past. For Building Services, regulations are in place to help in the design of space heating and hot and cold water services. The Institute of Plumbing (IoP) supports all initiatives that seek to reduce the use of energy and to rely where possible on renewable energy sources. This section of the Guide has been compiled to give a broad view on aspects of installations where these valuable resources can be saved. Some of these aspects are covered elsewhere throughout  the Guide, but this section has greater detail to give the designer/installer a better understanding, helping to achieve that all-important Resource Efficient Design.

 Compiled and published by: The Institute of Plumbing
  Last revision: 2002
  Edition: 1
  Number of pages: 13
  Format: PDF