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03 Heating


Modern central heating systems have to be capable of meeting the user’s expectations of providing an adequate level of heating in an efficient manner. An efficient system is one that provides the correct amount of heat at the correct place at the correct time, burning the fuel used in the most efficient way possible and switches off the boiler when the demand is satisfied. Achieving this objective will require correct system design, avoiding inefficient oversizing of plant, and the use of appropriate controls. However, the more sophisti- cated the system the greater the potential for problems and so good design often requires a compromise between what is the ideal solution and what is advisable in terms of operational and maintenance considerations. The recommendations in this Guide relate primarily to domestic and small commercial installations with boiler input ratings not exceeding 60kW, although much of the content will also be applicable to larger systems. For a greater understanding of efficiency requirements reference should be made to the Resource efficient design section.

 Compiled and published by: The Institute of Plumbing
  Last revision: 2002
  Edition: 1
  Number of pages: 19
  Format: PDF