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An Illustrated History of the Institute

“An Illustrated History of the Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering” is a unique 112 page, hard back book including 48 colour pages and numerous illustrations. Painstakingly researched and written, the book charts a journey through the first 100 years of the Institute.
Contents include:

  • ‘In favour of the public’ History leading up to 1886 - The road to registration
  • ‘Scamping Plumber, Out You Go!’ 1886-1907 - The early campaign for statutory registration
  • ‘We shall have to sink our independence’ 1907-1925 - separate paths
  • ‘Plumbing for the plumbers’ 1925-1952 - Education and registration
  • ’Jungle conditions’ 1952-1970 - The road to merger
  • ‘An impartial Institute’ 1970-1986 - Maturity
  • ‘Spirit of cooperation’ 1986-2006 - The modern Institute 

To order your copy of this unique read, please email or to order by phone please call 01708 472791.