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P&H Engineering is the official magazine of the CIPHE, containing technical articles, latest industry news and environmental and educational updates. It is sent to all members six times per year.

The magazine is kept as a reference tool by members, who are decision-makers in sourcing professional products, and is used extensively as a technical resource.

 P&H Engineering Nov-Dec 2018    

Nov/Dec Launch Edition


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P&H Engineering Contacts

Editor – Chris Smith

Advertising Sales Manager - Jack Watts

Project manager – Charlie Lyon

Publisher – James Houston

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P&HE journal occupies a unique place among industry publications due to its high technical content and reputation for quality and professionalism. Its readership is largely made up of UK members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering - professionals who care enough about standards to voluntarily join an organisation which represents the yardstick for competence in plumbing and heating engineering.

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The journal contains a high class of technical content alongside features on the very latest in environmental, educational and technological advances in industry. The emphasis is to set the magazine apart as a resource to be kept for future reference, so that readers can simply and easily build a library of quality technical literature. As the Institute's journal, it contains industry news and views, together with information about the Institute and its activities.

P&HE journal is sent free to all members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering and can be subscribed to by non-members. There are over 7,500 CIPHE members with approximately 6,000 working as plumbing and/or heating engineers, either self-employed or working on the tools. The rest of the membership is made up from specifiers, college lecturers, plumbing designers, engineers, consultants and students. There are around 170 Industrial Associates.