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Emms Gilmore Liberson

Emms Gilmore Liberson  

Emms Gilmore Liberson Solicitors

The legal world can be a minefield and knowing who you can turn to when you need professional legal advice is a real help.  From changes in Employment Law, understanding the Consumer Rights Act, to Product Liability and the risks associated with using counterfeit parts, Emms Gilmore Liberson can provide guidance and advice to CIPHE members and Industrial Associates.

“Initial advice provided is free-of-charge with CIPHE member-only discounts on any subsequent services that EGL are engaged to provide”

Emms Gilmore Liberson is a practice built on sound and solid foundations.  The solicitors came together in 2011 to form a practice based on giving highly experienced professional advice. Peter Adkins has wide experience of advising those involved in the industry from sole traders to multi-national corporations.

‘We believe that clients want the benefit not only of sound legal advice but also experience. We take time to understand our clients’ business needs, objectives and goals and tailor our approach accordingly…’

If you have a legal problem, contact Peter Adkins of Emms Gilmore Liberson Solicitors on: T: 0121 314 0000 or 0121 262 6437 E:

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