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The resolutions all house-holders should keep

Each year we view January as the start of something new. A time to put those bad habits to bed. A fresh start. While most of us will resolve to be healthier, or better with money, or to just say ‘Yes’ more this year, we very rarely look at improving the lifestyle of our homes. This year the CIPHE is urging house holders to make a different set of New Year’s resolutions, some which will ensure our homes stay safe, warm and energy efficient for the coming year. So if you’ve already broken those personal resolutions how about making some that you can stick to:

I resolve to find my stop-valve (stopcock)
Find out where your stop-valve is located on the incoming water supply main and label it. If you have a plumbing emergency, it’s likely you’ll need to know how to turn your water supply off. Check occasionally that it is working and find the location of any drain valves on the system too.

I resolve to insulate my pipes
Ensure that the storage system and exposed pipes are properly insulated, particularly in the roof space or attic. Proper insulation will help to prevent frozen and burst pipes.

I resolve to inspect my cold-water storage cistern
Inspect your cold-water storage cistern (tank) regularly and, if it is metal, make sure it is not corroding. Call in your Registered Plumbing Professional if there is any sign of a problem.

I resolve to stop ignoring minor plumbing problems
Dripping taps or continuously running overflow pipes are a sure sign that your plumbing system requires maintenance. To avoid them becoming major problems call in the services of your local Registered Plumbing Professional, who can be found through the CIPHE "Find A Plumber" page. 

I resolve to have my boiler regularly serviced
Have central heating boilers and other heating appliances serviced yearly. If you have a condensing boiler, make sure that the condensate pipework is protected against freezing.

I resolve not to do major DIY plumbing projects!
Putting up a couple of shelves is one thing, but trying a bit of DIY on your plumbing or heating system can not only be dangerous and expensive, but could also drop you in hot water with the law!  If you do not know 100% what you are doing, DIY interference with plumbing and heating systems can result in serious damage, expensive repair bills and potential health hazards.

I resolve to save water and energy
Energy and water efficient products will not only save you money, they also help the environment too. Talk to your local Registered Plumbing Professional on the changes you can make in your home.

Find your local plumbing or heating professional through our find a plumber online tool.