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Spring fever

Spring is finally here! And if you didn't kick off your home improvements over the Easter bank holiday weekend, now is the time to start thinking about a bit of DIY. Giving rooms a fresh coat of paint or building new furniture may be one thing, but issues often arise when householders think they will save themselves money by tackling jobs that really should be done by a professional, such as a plumber or heating installer.

According to Zurich Insurance, many homeowners underestimate their abilities, which results in one in six having to call in experts to fix their mistakes. When it comes to plumbing and heating, those mistakes could threaten the health and safety of the residents. It could also cost you far more than you anticipated, not only in the cost of calling in a professional to rectify the work you have done, but there is also the risk of injuring yourself.

Danny Davis, Operations Manager for the CIPHE says that it’s not just the work carried out by enthusiastic homeowners that members are often called upon to rectify. “Unfortunately, there are also people trading as plumbers who are not much better than DIY enthusiasts. Their work often does not comply with Water or Building Regulations and in some cases is downright dangerous.

“By engaging a professional to carry out the work you know that the job will be carried out to a high standard – it’s a matter of peace of mind.”

So why not save time, money and heartache by employing a professional from the start? For your plumbing and heating needs, find a CIPHE member near you via our online tool: