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European Water Label scheme

The CIPHE is proud to partner the European Water Label Scheme, which is an Industry-wide, supported voluntary labelling scheme for water using bathroom products. The scheme’s primary role is to educate the consumer on water use, so they can make informed purchasing decisions on bathroom products.

Developed and introduced in the UK in 2007, the scheme grew in popularity so-much-so that in 2012 it was adopted by CEIR, the European association for taps and showers. In 2014 FECS, the European association for ceramic sanitaryware formally adopted the scheme and the criteria has been enhanced to embrace the distinctions across different nations in the European ceramic sanitaryware Industry. Currently the label is supported by over 90 European brands.

The label gives information on flow rate, performance band, annual capacity or performance and technical icons to show aspects of how the product works. Products include, baths, WC suites, cisterns, basin taps, shower controls, shower handsets, kitchen taps, supply line flow regulators and independent WC pans.

At the centre of the scheme is one of the CIPHE’s core messages of using water wisely (last week’s blog will give you a breakdown of why this is so important in the current climate). The European Water Label Scheme provides easy access to a database of bathroom products, that when installed and used correctly, will use less water, save energy and save money.

You’ll find lots of useful information on the scheme’s website – – such as top tips on saving water and a list of water efficient product stockists.