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Do you know when to notify?

If you are a CIPHE Twitter follower, you will have noticed we’ve been tweeting each day about plumbing notification laws. While this may not be the type of post that makes the CIPHE go viral, it’s a really important subject, so much so that WRAS, the UK’s leading water regulations body, has launched a campaign in partnership with UK water suppliers to highlight the need for people planning plumbing work to notify their local water company.

It seems that there is an alarmingly small amount of people who know when they have to notify their local water supplier of works on their plumbing systems. While we would hope that all our members are fully up-to-date with their notification knowledge, however the obligation to notify doesn’t just apply to plumbers - it also includes businesses, homeowners, landlords and tenants – and this is where awareness needs to be raised.

WRAS is urging all plumbers to help raise awareness by educating their customers and urging all those working within their firm to know and understand their legal responsibilities under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Byelaws.

Visit the WRAS website where you can find details on work which requires advance notification and also find leaflets to download.

Did you know…. 
CIPHE members who are also accredited as Approved Contractor Persons / WaterSafe installers have specific training in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, and are able to carry out many types of work without prior notification? Find out how to become an Approved Contractor Person here:

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