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Burn Injury Awareness Day

Are you burns aware? Well if you wasn’t already, today the 19th October aims to change all that with the annual Burn Injury Awareness Day. Now in it’s third year, the event focuses attention onto the prickly subject of burns, especially those avoidable incidents that all too often occur in the home.

The tagline ‘Be burn aware’ is once again being used to highlight everyday dangers, especially for children and the elderly who are more at risk from burns due to thinner skin. It may not surprise you to hear that hot drinks are the most common cause of scald injury in children, but did you know that next in line were electric cookers, hair straighteners, irons and radiators? In the over 65’s bath water is the most common cause of severe scalds, with burns caused by touching hot radiators or central heating pipes sitting in close behind burns caused by hot drinks.

The most haunting aspect behind these facts is that these burning incidents are avoidable. However, there is also hope, as it means that numbers can be reduced, especially if we open our eyes to the dangers around us. The home is the most common place of burn injury for both children and the elderly, but if we start thinking differently, we can change this.

For instance, our heating and hot water systems can bring us warmth and comfort, but radiators, towel warmers and central heating pipes will be hot while in use, potentially reaching temperatures which can cause a burn if touched. Taking steps such as installing low surface temperature radiators or using a radiator cover can minimise the risk. Simply making those in the home aware when the heating is on and that the radiators will be hot will also help too.

Installing Thermostatic Mixing Vales (TMVs) will help reduce the risk of burns from hot water. See our earlier blog below on the Hot Water Burns Like Fire campaign to find out more.

With the average cost to the NHS for a major burn being £168,155, Burn Injury Awareness Day is asking what the cost would be to you, should a family member be burned by a preventable incident in the home. So go on, become burns aware and help prevent a serious burn happening to someone you love. Find out more about burns prevention at