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Avoid those DIY disasters this Easter

Easter is nearly here, spring has (kind of) sprung and DIY / Garden Centres across the land will have their cash tills ringing this bank holiday weekend, as we all set to work on our homes and gardens.

While the majority of us may feel confident wielding a paintbrush or hanging a few new pictures around the home, there are some jobs we really should leave to the professionals. Did you know some 20% of DIY enthusiasts have to call in a professional to rectify work? Or that the average cost to fix a DIY disaster is £3,200? According to research by insurance company Towergate in 2017, Londoners face an even more hefty cost of £4,800 on average to fix that bodged job.

So why do we take on these tasks? CIPHE Lead Technical Consultant, Paul Harmer quipped, “There really is something in the air over the Easter weekend. Those four days of freedom and longer nights combine to turn us into DIY superheroes. Unfortunately it is remarkably easy to underestimate the complexity of a task. That YouTube ‘how to’ video may only take five minutes to view, but the reality is that a five minute job can turn into five-hours of hell if you have the incorrect tools, parts or just don’t have the aptitude for the task ahead.”

“When it comes to plumbing and heating systems, unless you know what you are doing, you really should leave things well alone and call in the expertise of your professional plumber.”

Of course everyone should be well aware by now that those working on heating systems powered by combustible fuels should be suitably qualified and registered with the relevant body  - Gas Safe, Oftec, HETAS etc - but did you also stop to think that plumbing systems needed an expert touch too?

Think about it, your plumbing systems deal with safe drinking water and sanitation, you really don’t want to do anything that would affect the effective working of either! That’s why the DIYer has to abide by the same Water Regulations and Building Regulations as the professionals. The fact is that regulations are there to keep us safe, so if you break them (even unintentionally) you risk the health and safety of your family.

Let’s also now bring in the fact that water damage is unforgiving. You can lose irreplaceable possessions such as photos in seconds, not to mention the physical damage it can cause to your property and the contents within. It can take months for a property to dry out after a serious leak, and you then have all the repairs on top (which may include ceilings, walls and floors depending on where the leak was and how long leaking water was running for).

Paul continued, “Our members are regularly rectifying work carried out by people who have no formal plumbing training. By engaging a professional to carry out the work in the first place you know that the job will be done properly, to all the correct standards. It’s far cheaper on your pocket than rectifying bad work and gives you of peace of mind of a job well done.”

So whether you want that dream bathroom, or simply need a radiator moved, why take the risk? You can find a professional plumber or heating installer via our online find a plumber tool.