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Are you in DIY danger?

Finally, the clocks have changed and Spring is in the air! That extra hour of daylight and sunny weather can’t help but put a smile on your face. Not only that, but the knowledge we have just two weeks until the first double bank holiday weekend will put even the most pessimistic of us in a good mood.

For many, it’s this time of the year when thoughts turn to jobs that need to be done throughout the home. While the majority of us may feel confident wielding a paintbrush or changing a tap washer, there are some jobs we really should leave to the professionals.

Of course everyone ought to be well aware by now that those working on heating systems powered by combustible fuels should be suitably qualified and registered with the relevant body  - Gas Safe, Oftec, HETAS etc - but did you also stop to think that your humble plumbing systems needed an expert touch too?

It is remarkably easy to underestimate the complexity of a task. That online ‘How to’ video may only take five minutes to view, but the reality is that a five-minute job can turn into a five-hour one for even the keenest of DIYers if you have the incorrect tools, parts or just don’t have the aptitude for the task ahead. You could get into such difficulties  that you then need a professional to rectify  substandard work – costing you more money than it would have been to hire a professional in the first place. Not only that but water damage is unforgiving all the way through from physical long-term harm caused to buildings and property through to the destruction of irreplaceable possessions such as photographs and artwork.

Your intentions may be good, but did you know the DIYer has to abide by the same Water Regulations and Building Regulations as the professionals? The regulations are there to keep us all safe and, if you break them (even unintentionally), you risk the health and safety of your family and potentially others around you too. If caught, you could face prosecution and a hefty fine.

With insurance companies and A&E departments across the land preparing themselves for the start of the DIY season, Paul Harmer, the CIPHE’s Technical Director commented, “Unless you have the knowledge and experience to undertake work on plumbing systems, it’s just not worth taking chances. While you may think you are saving money in the short term, uninformed DIY can become a costly, stressful, dangerous and time consuming experience all round.”

“Our members are regularly rectifying work carried out by people who have no formal training. By engaging a professional to carry out the work in the first place you know that the job will be done properly - it’s a matter of peace of mind.”

So whether you want that dream bathroom, or simply need a radiator moved, why take the risk? You can find a professional plumber or heating installer via our online find a plumber tool.