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Latest Blogs

  • Why grow your mo?

    If you aren’t aware of Movember where have you been? The men’s health awareness month (where men are encouraged to grow a mustache and open up about all things health), focuses on the often taboo subjects of prostrate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

    Date Posted:27 Nov 2018

  • When Nature Calls - World Toilet Day 2018

    World Toilet Day takes place on 19 November each year to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners, the annual event shines the light on the fact that for billions of people around the world, sanitation systems are either non-existent or ineffective. This year’s theme is ‘When Nature Calls’ and highlights the fact that in many places of the world we are turning our environment into an open sewer. 

    Date Posted:19 Nov 2018

  • Wet wipe woes

    It’s long been news that wet wipes and other non-flushable items cause damage to the UK sewerage system, but a recent BBC Radio 4 programme, Costing the Earth, has found that not a single ‘flushable’ wet wipe tested has met water industry standards. Water companies across the land have long maintained that wet wipes do not break down adequately and cause blockages. Manufacturers of ‘flushable’ wipes say blockages are only caused by non-flushable items

    Date Posted:19 Nov 2018

  • Why we need to talk about toilets

    Toilets and toileting habits are amongst the top taboo subjects for us Brits. Talking publicly about issues such as incontinence, the need to urinate (or heaven forbid), have a bowel movement, is met with a silent wall of shame. But talk about it we must. The UK is facing a crippling problem when it comes to a lack of public lavatories and it’s having a big impact on the majority of the population. 

    Date Posted:2 Nov 2018

  • National Burn Awareness Day 2018

    Every year, thousands of children and adults suffer accidental injuries due to burns and hot water scalds. The 17th October is National Burn Awareness Day, and to help highlight the dangers of burns and scalds, the Children's Burns Trust, together with the British Burn Association, have released the following shocking statistics from the International Burn Injury Database...

    Date Posted:16 Oct 2018

  • Worshipful Company of Plumbers to offer £1K student tools and equipment Bursary

    Are you a student, working towards NVQ Level 3 MES (Plumbing) or equivalent? If the answer is yes, then you need to listen up as the Worshipful Company of Plumbers (WCP) has announced its tools and equipment Bursary scheme for the 2018/2019 academic year.

    Date Posted:4 Oct 2018

  • Keeping the nation safe – Gas Safety Week 2018

    Every year, just as summer ends and autumn begins, we celebrate Gas Safety Week. Taking place from 17th to 23rd September 2018, this year’s event – the eighth of its kind - will see organisations from across the UK working together to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

    Date Posted:18 Sep 2018

  • Fatal injury statistics for 2017/18

    As a grim reminder of how dangerous a number of workplaces can be, the 2017/18 fatal injury statistics have been published by the HSE. In this period a total of 144 people were killed in workplace accidents (up 7 from 137 last year), with 38 of those fatal injuries happening to workers in construction (up by 8). Construction remained the most dangerous industry to work in, with agriculture (29 deaths), manufacturing (15 deaths), transport and storage, (15 deaths) and the waste industry (12 deaths) following behind. 

    Date Posted:13 Sep 2018

  • World Water Week 2018

    Unlike our usual waterlogged summers, we have not have seen much of the wet stuff recently, which makes this year’s World Water Week all the more prominent. Held from the 26th-31st August 2018, World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991. As a global conference, the event focuses on the big issues in water conservation and management, along with providing a forum to discuss practical solutions. 

    Date Posted:30 Aug 2018

  • Top eight skills you need to join the plumbing & heating industry

    GCSE results day is here and across the nation young people will be waiting with a mix of excitement and dread to see their grades. For those who hit their targets and move into vocational education, it won’t be long until they find out they’ll need to hone a number of different skills in the workplace. Some will discover they have natural aptitudes they didn’t even know they possessed, while others will have to work hard to develop the mindset and skills that can help them go far in their chosen industry. 

    Date Posted:23 Aug 2018

  • Five reasons to service your boiler this summer

    OK, so the country has been enjoying heatwave, so you may scoff at the idea of servicing your boiler in 30 degree heat. But did you know that summer is the ideal time to get your boiler serviced? 

    Date Posted:2 Aug 2018

  • Collaboration - The Future for Construction?

    Collaboration is an expression that is being used more and more often in connection with construction these days, but what exactly is it and why is everyone talking about it? What does it involve and why is it off-putting for some people?

    A guest blog written for the CIPHE by Emma Stapleton (COO of TenderSpace).

    TenderSpace Logo

    Date Posted:26 Jul 2018

  • Into the future…

    The digital world is changing rapidly, and so the CIPHE has been keen to embrace both 2D and 3D learning. In our latest blog we take a look at the CIPHE’s virtual reality (VR) continuing professional development (CPD) resources.

    Date Posted:19 Jul 2018

  • Top 10 CIPHE membership benefits

    This year seems to be passing in a flash. If you haven’t been making the most of your 2018 membership benefits, then it is time to get a move on as we are already half way through the year. Now is the time to start taking steps to save those pounds and move your career and business forward. Our latest blog takes you through ten of the top money saving and business enhancing benefits included in your membership package...

    Date Posted:18 Jul 2018

  • How to take on an apprentice (Wales)

    We’ve covered how to take on an apprentice in England and Scotland, so now it is the turn of Wales. So if you are living in the land of the dragon and are looking to take on an apprentice, take a look at our handy little guide.

    Date Posted:12 Jul 2018

  • The CIPHE’s Complaints Procedure

    If you read our It's all in the Code blog, you’ll know that the CIPHE has a Code of Professional Standards, and that if a member contravenes any of the six points of the Code, he or she can make themselves liable for a complaint to be made against them.

    Date Posted:4 Jul 2018

  • Be Bright – Stay Safe

    CIPHE is happy to support UK Power Networks launch of its ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ campaign, designed to reduce the number of electrical network incidents that take place across its network each year.

    Date Posted:22 Jun 2018

  • International Women in Engineering Day 2018

    Saturday the 23rdJune is International Women in Engineering Day 2018, and CIPHE is celebrating it by introducing our soon to be President, Tracey Richardson EngTech LCGI MCIPHE RP.

    Date Posted:22 Jun 2018

  • It's all in the Code

    So you’ve had a tradesperson in and the job hasn’t gone as planned. You don’t know where to turn. The likelihood is that Trading Standards or Citizens Advice will be your first port of call, but if your installer is a member of a professional or membership body, you may find that they will be governed by a complaints procedure.

    Date Posted:5 Jun 2018

  • Why do plumbing jobs go wrong?

    So you’ve had your eye on that dream new bathroom for some time and at last it’s being installed. But you have this niggling feeling something isn’t right. Maybe you’ve watched too much ‘Rogue Trader,’ maybe it’s just that the bath isn’t quite where you envisaged it going, or that it’s taking longer than you anticipated. Either way the dream isn’t quite going as planned, and you are now worried you have employed somebody who is either unable or unwilling to complete the job as you require.

    Date Posted:30 May 2018

  • Choosing your options wisely

    If you are taking your GCSEs you’ll have more than exams and coursework to worry about, there’s that little matter of what you are going to do after school ends. If you have your sights set on a career in the plumbing and heating industry, here is what you need to know.

    Date Posted:10 May 2018

  • What’s the deal with Boiler Plus?

    If you are a heating engineer you won’t have missed the launch of Boiler Plus, but how much do your client’s know about the new requirements? Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations came into force in England on Friday 6th April, in a bid to make home heating systems more energy efficient. To understand why and how, this blog is taking a look at the need for regulatory change, along with some of the key points of Boiler Plus.

    Date Posted:30 Apr 2018

  • How to take on an apprentice (Scotland)

    Our first apprenticeship blog of the year ‘How to take on an apprentice’ was a big hit with our web visitors. Now comes part 2 in the series, regarding information aimed at Scotland, with blogs on Wales and Northern Ireland due to be added in the coming weeks. So if you are a Scottish based company, looking to take on an apprentice, read on…

    Date Posted:5 Apr 2018

  • Avoid those DIY disasters this Easter

    Easter is nearly here, spring has (kind of) sprung and DIY / Garden Centres across the land will have their cash tills ringing this bank holiday weekend, as we all set to work on our homes and gardens.

    Date Posted:28 Mar 2018

  • Going natural for World Water Day

    ‘Held annually on the 22nd March, World Water Day is an official United Nations event, coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners across the world. With the objective of raising awareness about the global water crisis, this year’s theme is ‘Nature for Water’ and explored nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

    Date Posted:21 Mar 2018

  • Celebrate World Plumbing Day

    Sunday the 11th March is no ordinary day to plumbers around the globe; it is in fact World Plumbing Day! So much more than just an annual event highlighting the global water and sanitation crisis, World Plumbing Day celebrates the role that plumbing and plumbers play in safeguarding public health.

    Date Posted:7 Mar 2018

  • National Apprenticeship Week 2018

    The 11th National Apprenticeship Week kicks off from Monday 5th to Friday 9th March. Once again the annual event will bring together employers and apprentices from across England to celebrate the success of all things apprenticeship, along with the positive impact apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

    Date Posted:5 Mar 2018

  • Mastering the CIPHE’s prestigious award certificates

    Today, Monday 26th February, The Glaziers’ Hall in London will play host to presentations of Master, Journeyman and Apprentice Certificates to a number of worthy tradespeople. With three new Master Plumber Certificate holders due to receive their honours, this week’s blog is dedicated to the award scheme.

    Date Posted:26 Feb 2018

  • Don’t cut corners – Gas Safe Register campaign

    If you’ve been keeping a keen eye out, you may have seen posters, heard radio adverts, viewed videos and read social media posts about the Gas Safe Register’s brand new awareness campaign. Designed to remind people not to ‘cut corners’ when it comes to gas safety, the campaign is also urging those having gas work carried out to check the Register to ensure they use a legally qualified engineer for all work.

    Date Posted:22 Feb 2018

  • What CIPHE membership level are you?

    The plumbing and heating industry holds a vast array of career paths, and as such the CIPHE has a number of different membership levels too.  For those who are looking to join, or current members who are looking to progress through the ranks, it can be handy to know what level you can apply for or move up in to.

    Date Posted:5 Feb 2018

  • Top 10 tips for making the most of your CIPHE membership

    January doesn’t just mark the start of the New Year, it’s also membership renewal time for existing CIPHE members too. Looking back over 2017, how many of us have been guilty of paying our subs and not making the most of our membership benefits? We know life sometimes gets in the way, but make sure you get 2018 off to a cracking start by making the most of your 2018 benefits:

    Date Posted:30 Jan 2018

  • How to take on an apprentice

    Apprenticeships are big news at the moment, especially with the impending launch of the plumbing and heating trailblazer apprenticeships. If one of your aims for 2018 is to take on an apprentice, do you even know where to start? The CIPHE has put together this handy little guide to help you out.

    Date Posted:22 Jan 2018

  • The Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Interim Report

    Those who keep a keen eye on the news will have seen the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Interim Report has been published.  The Review, led by Dame Hackitt, was commissioned by government following the Grenfell Tower fire to make recommendations on the future regulatory system.

    Date Posted:15 Jan 2018

  • New Year’s resolutions you can keep

    Thinking of New Year’s resolutions? You could go with the standard ‘lose weight and be healthier.’ Maybe even set that new alarm clock and embrace a life of better time keeping. You could be more tolerant of the idiosyncrasies of  the people around you (but let’s face it, you won’t last long) or you could commit to trying to learn something new. However, if you are struggling to make any meaningful resolutions, why not embrace a few ideas to help your home stay safe, warm and energy efficient for the year ahead.

    Date Posted:1 Jan 2018

  • Top tips to avoid a plumbing disaster this Christmas

    Christmas day is approaching fast, so with just a handful of days to go, there are a few handy things to know. Firstly, many plumbing and heating emergencies can be avoided with a bit of common sense.  Of course there will always be those unfortunate boiler breakdowns, but on the whole you can prepare for some of the common issues such as blocked sinks and toilets. To help make sure your Christmas day is full or cheer, make sure you follow these festive tips to keep the emergency plumbing or heating engineer from your door.

    Date Posted:20 Dec 2017

  • Get your chimney swept (Santa is on his way)

    When thinking of chimney sweeps, we might get the vision of a scrawny, browbeaten Victorian child in our head or the Dick Van Dyke character in Mary Poppins. However, chimney sweeps have never gone away (though luckily the terrible working conditions have) and with the rising popularity of wood burning stoves, are now in increasingly high demand.

    Date Posted:20 Dec 2017

  • Do you qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment?

    Did you know that if you were born on or before 5 August 1953 you can claim between £100 and £300 tax-free, to help pay your heating bills?

    Date Posted:19 Dec 2017

  • Are you counting the cost of your heating bill?

    The headlines have recently been full of stories of fuel poverty, with bodies such as the CIPHE urging Government for a rethink on funding. All of us, whether we fall into the fuel poor category or not, can make substantial savings on our heating bills if we improve the way we heat our properties.

    Date Posted:27 Nov 2017

  • National Maintenance Week 2017

    The end of November always signals the end of autumn and the beginning of the cold months ahead. No one wants to get caught out by freezing temperatures, burst pipes or broken down boilers when the icy fingers of winter set in. That’s why this year’s National Maintenance Week is ideally timed to take place from 17 November to 24 November, with the equally important National Gutters Day taking place on Friday 24 November.

    Date Posted:21 Nov 2017

  • Want to save the planet or save a life? Become an engineer

    With ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week’ now nearing the end, we take a look at what the week is all about and what we can do to help attract generation Z into the engineering sectors.

    Date Posted:10 Nov 2017

  • Growing your Mo for Movember

    While the hipster beard has been in fashion for a while, as November approaches we look forward to a wild and wonderful array of ‘taches being grown throughout the land. But before you reach for the razor for that last shave, we take a look at what Movember really means and why it is so important to the plumbing and heating industry, an industry which is still 98% male after all.

    Date Posted:30 Oct 2017

  • Mesothelioma deaths increase

    Our blogs for October are taking on a distinct Health and Safety theme. While the fatal injuries at work statistics may have fallen for the 2016/17 reporting period (see our previous blog), statistics reporting the deaths from mesothelioma in 2015 have shown a deadly upward trend.

    Date Posted:24 Oct 2017

  • National Burns Awareness Day

    Every year, thousands of children and adults suffer accidental injuries due to burns and hot water scalds.  In fact, in 2016:

    • 36% of burns were caused by spills from cooking, hot drinks, soups, porridge and stews (especially in children)
    • 21% of contact burns were caused by hot objects like heaters, irons, hobs, oven-doors & hair straighteners
    • 11% of burns were caused by using accelerants in barbecues, garden fires and bonfires
    • 5% of burns were  accounted for by hot water systems scalds such as hot baths, sinks and showers
    • 5% of burns were due to fires from flammable clothing near candles and cigarettes, flash fires from chip/grease pans and flame burns from building fires
    • The remaining 22% of burns included sunburn; chemical burns from fertilisers, bleach, hair dyes, cement, acids and alkalis; and other non-categorised burns.

    (Source: the British Burns Association)

    Date Posted:18 Oct 2017

  • Stay safe - fatal injury statistics for 2016/17

    As a grim reminder of how dangerous a number of workplaces can be, the 2016/17 fatal injury statistics have been published by the HSE. In this period a total of 137 people were killed in workplace accidents (down 7 from 144 last year), with 30 of those fatal injuries happening to workers in construction (down by 13). However, construction remained the most dangerous industry to work in, with agriculture (27 deaths), manufacturing (19 deaths), transport, (14 deaths) and the waste industry (14 deaths) following behind.

    Date Posted:2 Oct 2017

  • Worshipful Company of Plumbers to offer student Bursaries of up to £1000

    Are you a student, working towards NVQ Level 3 MES (Plumbing) or equivalent? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this blog, because the Worshipful Company of Plumbers has announced its tools and equipment Bursary scheme for the 2017/2018 academic year.

    Date Posted:25 Sep 2017

  • Keeping the nation safe

    If you didn’t know it's Gas Safety Week 2017, where have you been? The annual awareness week is taking place once again from 18th to 24th September and if you are an installer, there’s still time to get involved. We know how much time, effort and hard work goes into becoming Gas Safe registered. Help the CIPHE and Gas Safe spread the message this Gas Safety Week by getting involved.

    Date Posted:18 Sep 2017

  • World Water Week 2017

    The 27th August – 1st September marks this year’s World Water Week 2017! World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991. As a global conference, the event focuses on the big issues in water conservation and management, along with providing a forum to discuss practical solutions. 

    Date Posted:30 Aug 2017

  • Do you know what to do if you smell gas?

    Just before 9am on Friday 11th August, a suspected gas explosion ripped through a semi-detached house in Rosslyn Avenue, Sunderland, completely destroying the home and heavily damaging the property next door.

    Date Posted:24 Aug 2017

  • Landlord sentenced after illegally installing gas boiler

    While there are a lot of very good landlords out there, there are a few who put saving money ahead of the wellbeing of their tenants. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had another successful prosecution against a Landlord, who had taken upon himself to illegally install a new gas boiler in his rented property in Ilfracombe.

    Date Posted:16 Aug 2017

  • Are you using water wisely?

    The sun gods had been kind earlier this year.  June (and most of) July was a blaze of sunny glory, but even though the wet weather has returned for August, we still shouldn’t be complacent when it comes to saving water.

    Date Posted:2 Aug 2017

  • Choose life, choose a plumbing or heating apprenticeship

    The summer holidays are here and starting college seems like a lifetime away, but for those who haven’t quite made their minds up yet, embarking on a career in the plumbing and heating industry could be the best life choice you make yet.

    Date Posted:25 Jul 2017

  • Don’t let Carbon Monoxide ruin your holiday

    With the summer holidays on the way it’s easy to feel happy and care-free. It should be a time for enjoying life, for spending time with family and friends. Yet every year Carbon Monoxide (CO) hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether its incidents in holiday accommodation abroad, or cases of campsite or boating poisonings at home, the evidence suggests that it could be wise to invest in a portable CO alarm, or to at least know the signs to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

    Date Posted:13 Jul 2017

  • Top reasons why you should service your boiler in the summer

    Turning the central heating on might be just a distant memory as we stroll towards the longest day of the year, but it really is the ideal time to get your boiler serviced. Admittedly it is the last thing you want to think about while the sun is shining and temperatures are balmy, but you can guarantee that come the first cold snap there will be householders across the UK turning on their heating systems only to find they are not working. All this can be avoided. Check out our top tips for getting your boiler serviced this summer

    Date Posted:4 Jul 2017

  • Making the most of your membership

    Can you believe we are now nearly half way through 2017 and halfway through the CIPHE membership year? But how much have you made of your membership benefits so far? Would you be surprised to hear that CIPHE membership can give you huge savings on a host of useful products and services?

    Date Posted:26 Jun 2017

  • Interntional Women in Engineering Day 2017

    As today is International Women in Engineering Day, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to profile our nominated Vice-President for the upcoming AGM, Tracey Richardson EngTech LCGI MCIPHE RP.

    Date Posted:23 Jun 2017

  • CPD made easy with mycareerpath

    With CIPHE members obliged to gain 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout the membership year, it can be sometimes be tricky to keep on top of everything that counts towards those precious CPD points. However, things are now set to change with the addition of mycareerpath to CIPHE membership benefits.

    Date Posted:20 Jun 2017

  • Illegal gas fitter carries out work at over 1000 addresses

    For two years, residents across North London unwittingly had gas appliances worked on by Errol Dillon, an unregistered contractor working for Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited. Dillon worked at over 1000 addresses without being Gas Safe Registered.

    Date Posted:9 Jun 2017

  • How green is district heating?

    Last month a BBC 5 Live investigation into district heating networks, raised some alarming concerns about the use of this green technology. While in some parts of the country, district heating schemes have transformed the way communities use energy for the benefit of all, it has not been the same for everyone.

    Date Posted:25 May 2017

  • Three reasons to enter the Apprentice Awards 2017

    The CIPHE Apprentice Awards 2017 are open for entries and are set to be a highlight in the plumbing awards calendar. Created to celebrate those who have found their true vocation in the plumbing and heating sector, the awards are open to anyone of any age, gender or background, who is studying a bona fide qualification that will lead to an NVQ/SVQ in Plumbing/Heating Engineering. 

    Date Posted:19 May 2017

  • Do you need an Expert Witness?

    Although we all hope that we are never subject to poor quality work from a dodgy plumber or heating engineer, the unfortunate truth is that there are a minority of unscrupulous people out there. While we would always urge people to find a professional engineer to work on their systems, it can be easy to be caught out by a slick looking advert or website.

    Date Posted:8 May 2017

  • Are you ready for the CEng challenge?

    It’s been a whole year since the CIPHE was awarded a licence to grant members Chartered Engineer (CEng) status via the Engineering Council UK. Since then we’ve seen members keen to take on the CEng challenge. In this week’s blog we take a quick look at the process and the main reasons why members choose to go down the Chartered Engineer route.

    Date Posted:26 Apr 2017

  • Ready, set, go!

    The Apprenticeship Levy is up and running! But in the wake of this monumental change to apprenticeship funding, what does this mean for businesses large and small in the plumbing and heating industry?

    Date Posted:18 Apr 2017

  • Don't panic in a plumbing emergency

    Those who regularly read the CIPHE blog will know that we are keen to advise against DIY on plumbing and heating systems, but with water pipes running throughout your home - hidden from sight behind floorboards and walls - the odds of damaging a pipe while doing other jobs can be more common than you think.

    Date Posted:14 Apr 2017

  • Are you in DIY danger?

    Finally, the clocks have changed and Spring is in the air! That extra hour of daylight and sunny weather can’t help but put a smile on your face. Not only that, but the knowledge we have just two weeks until the first double bank holiday weekend will put even the most pessimistic of us in a good mood.

    Date Posted:4 Apr 2017

  • Tackling the global water crisis

    ‘Why waste water?’ is the question on everyone’s lips this year’s World Water Day. Held annually on the 22 March, World Water Day is an official United Nations event, coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners across the world.With the objective of raising awareness  about the global water crisis, this year’s event is focusing on wastewater.

    Date Posted:22 Mar 2017

  • Why have Public Liability insurance?

    Many of us see insurance as a waste of money, with masses of jargon which is too complicated to understand. In most cases Public Liability (or PL) insurance isn’t compulsory so why should we have it? Apart from the fact that CIPHE’s Code of Professional Standard requires each member to protect the public and have at least £2m of cover, the peace of mind insurance cover can bring you, is surely worth it’s weight in gold.

    Date Posted:14 Mar 2017

  • Plumbers unite for World Plumbing Day

    World Plumbing Day is more than just an annual event highlighting the global water and sanitation crisis, it’s also a day to celebrate the role that plumbing and plumbers play in safeguarding public health. Taking place on the 11 March each year, World Plumbing Day shines the spotlight on great plumbers and the amazing job they do to keep us healthy and safe in our everyday lives.

    Date Posted:10 Mar 2017

  • National Apprenticeship week

    Can you believe the 10th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2017) will once again be taking place from 6-10 March 2017? A decade on from the first ever event, the week will bring together employers and apprentices from across England to celebrate the success of all things apprenticeship. The event also aims to encourage even more people to choose apprenticeships as a fast-track to an amazing career.

    Date Posted:2 Mar 2017

  • Be prepared for Storm Doris

    Billed as the worst storm this winter, Doris is heading our way. With the MET Office issuing weather warnings for high winds, snow and potential flooding on Thursday, the CIPHE has the following tips to keep you safe in your home.

    Date Posted:22 Feb 2017

  • Don’t let a niggle turn into a complaint

    Complaining; some of us are really good at it and some of us just feel embarrassed to, so just put up and shut up. Complaining can be an art form and if done at the right point can stop little niggles escalating into huge problems. Here at the CIPHE, we are contacted regularly by members of the public who have a complaint against a tradesperson. Luckily, a very small number are against CIPHE members, but when it does happen it usually leads back to one thing; a breakdown in communication.

    Date Posted:15 Feb 2017

  • Voluntary roles with the CIPHE

    Are you looking to give a little bit back to the industry you work in? Or would you like to represent your fellow engineers and get your voice heard on big issues? The CIPHE has a number of voluntary roles and maybe there’s one for you?

    Date Posted:8 Feb 2017

  • How can you tell a legal from an illegal gas fitter?

    A plumber from Farnborough has found himself in hot water with the law after carrying out illegal gas work, which was subsequently found to be unsafe.

    Date Posted:1 Feb 2017

  • Controlling your heating bill

    The recent cold snap has seen us turning those thermostats up and keeping the heating on for longer. With heating and hot water accounting for over 50% of your fuel bill, there are substantial savings to be made if you can improve the way you heat your property.

    Date Posted:25 Jan 2017

  • Top reasons for being a CIPHE member

    A new year means a time to try new things or to continue on with the good habits we’ve made in the year before. January also marks the start of a new membership year for the CIPHE. So if you are new to all things CIPHE, or a long standing member who hasn’t yet got round to paying this year’s fee, what can you expect from the year ahead? 

    Date Posted:18 Jan 2017

  • Don’t panic!

    Weather forecasters are promising that temperatures will plummet, with some parts of the country seeing the arrival of snow tonight. Those lucky enough to escape the freezing temperatures only have a couple of day’s grace, with the rest of the country promised 5-10cm of snow for the weekend.

    Date Posted:11 Jan 2017

  • 2016 in review

    2017 is finally here (and lets all hope we don’t see as many legends pass away this year). Before we look ahead at all things new, its time to see how far we’ve come in 2016. It’s been an interesting year for the plumbing and heating industry, as well as the CIPHE at large. Here’s a quick recap on the year that was:

    Date Posted:4 Jan 2017

  • Happy new year!

    Christmas may be over, but New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. If you are struggling to make any meaningful resolutions, why not embrace a few ideas from the CIPHE? Follow our New Year’s top tips to ensure your home stays safe, warm and energy efficient for the year ahead.

    Date Posted:28 Dec 2016

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    Christmas day is approaching fast, so with just a few days to go, the CIPHE would like to wish everyone - especially all of its members, Industrial Associates and volunteers - a very merry Christmas.

    Date Posted:21 Dec 2016

  • Get that chimney swept

    If you use a gas or solid fuel heating appliance in your fireplace, you should make sure you have your chimney or flue regularly swept – just to make sure Santa is not the only thing stuck in your chimney this year.

    Date Posted:14 Dec 2016

  • Going away for the festivities?

    Whether you are visiting relatives, staying with friends or just escaping from it all somewhere hot and sunny this year, going away for Christmas is all about relaxing in the company of those you love. While we all think about the usual security precautions when leaving the home alone for a few days, have you thought about the damage a cold snap could do? It’s not something that always jumps to mind, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that the Christmas cheer doesn’t turn into a rubbish end of the year.

    Date Posted:7 Dec 2016

  • Movember – Stop men dying too young

    As October draws to a close, men across the country will be having that last shave before Movember begins. So what has this got to do with plumbing and heating you ask? Well while growing a mo itself has very little to do with the industry, no one can deny the fact it’s extremely male orientated.

    Date Posted:30 Nov 2016

  • Burn Injury Awareness Day

    Are you burns aware? Well if you wasn’t already, today the 19th October aims to change all that with the annual Burn Injury Awareness Day. Now in it’s third year, the event focuses attention onto the prickly subject of burns, especially those avoidable incidents that all too often occur in the home.

    Date Posted:19 Oct 2016

  • Illegal gas fitter prosecuted after brother condemns quality of work

    We often blog about recent health and safety prosecutions, but this week’s blog takes a twist indeed when a properly registered gas engineer raises concerns over a boiler he had no idea was installed by his unregistered plumber brother…

    Date Posted:12 Oct 2016

  • Scalding accidents change lives

    It’s two years on from the launch of the ‘Hot water burns like fire’ campaign, fronted by Amanda Redman MBE, which blazed across the media on 6 October 2014. Initially launched to stop scalding incidents by raising awareness of the dangers of hot water and promoting the use of thermostatic devices (along with a big dollop of common sense), the initiative has now moved on with the primary aim to limit water temperatures in all homes to 48°c.

    Date Posted:5 Oct 2016

  • Do you know when to notify?

    If you are a CIPHE Twitter follower, you will have noticed we’ve been tweeting each day about plumbing notification laws. While this may not be the type of post that makes the CIPHE go viral, it’s a really important subject, so much so that WRAS, the UK’s leading water regulations body, has launched a campaign in partnership with UK water suppliers to highlight the need for people planning plumbing work to notify their local water company.

    Date Posted:28 Sep 2016

  • When ‘white sand’ isn’t as good as it sounds

    While for most of us the words ‘white sand’ bring up images of the Bahamas and paradise shores, for an unfortunate few, white sand means they have an issue with their plumbing systems.

    Date Posted:21 Sep 2016

  • Gas Safety Week

    One of the biggest awareness weeks in the plumbing and heating calendar is here - from 19-25 September it is the annual Gas Safety Week! Organisations from across the UK are working together to ‘raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning’.

    Date Posted:14 Sep 2016

  • What is the best membership category for you?

    If you are looking to join the CIPHE your first question may be ‘what is the right category for me?’ As CIPHE membership is for individuals, rather than businesses, membership categories depend on skills, qualifications and experience, not the size of the business you own. The CIPHE has six levels of membership, ranging from those who have just entered into an apprenticeship, to those who have a degree level qualification and extensive management experience.

    Date Posted:7 Sep 2016

  • World Water Week

    World Water Week is a global conference focusing on big issues along with their practical solutions and is hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The international event will be taking place this year from 28 August to 2nd September. Acclaimed as the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991, World Water Week has ‘Water for Sustainable Growth’ as the central theme to this year’s activities.

    Date Posted:31 Aug 2016

  • Starting a career in plumbing?

    The summer holidays are coming to an end and a new term will soon be beginning. However, before you can set your sights on that golden apprenticeship, there’s the little matter of GCSE results day on the 25th to get through, but then you can start to really look forward to your new career path. If you have chosen a career in plumbing or heating, what should you expect out of your new industry and the apprenticeship route in general. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come…

    Date Posted:24 Aug 2016

  • Fatal injury statistics for 2015/16

    As a grim reminder of how dangerous a number of workplaces can be, the 2015/16 fatal injury statistics have been published by the HSE. In this period a total of 144 people were killed by workplace accidents, with 43 of those fatal injuries happening to workers in construction. Sadly although the amount of workplace deaths has fallen over the last 20 years, construction remains one of the most dangerous professions to work in.

    Date Posted:17 Aug 2016

  • Use Water Wisely – It could save you money!

    It seems like we have been waiting all year for the sunshine to appear, but this doesn’t mean we should be as lacklustre as the weather when it comes to saving water. When that orange thing in the sky actually makes an appearance it can be tempting to fill up the paddling pool and get the water sprinkler blasting, but it may be prudent to keep an eye on your water usage (and importantly water wastage), especially if you have a water meter.

    Date Posted:10 Aug 2016

  • Think before you drill

    Every year people are killed or seriously injured in incidents involving underground electricity cables. Worryingly, the number of people accidentally drilling into electricity service cables, or hitting the service cables when digging is on a steady rise. The risk is particularly prevalent to those working in the construction industry.

    Date Posted:3 Aug 2016

  • Is workplace stress getting you down?

    The construction industry is beginning to show a worrying trend for workplace stress.  While we may traditionally think of stress hitting those ‘high flying’ office types who are burning the candle at both ends or those in jobs in the emergency services, having to make life or death decisions and deal with violent patients, do not be fooled; workplace stress can hit anyone in any job at any age, of any gender, race, class or religion at anytime.

    Date Posted:27 Jul 2016

  • School’s out for summer!

    It’s finally here, the end of term is just days away and the great holiday escape will be on! It is estimated some 3.7 million Brits go camping or caravanning in the UK (and beyond) each year, if you are one of them you need to make sure your experience is a fun, worthwhile and safe as possible.

    Date Posted:20 Jul 2016

  • Thinking of investing in Solar?

    Look around any residential area and you’ll not be too surprised to see solar panels adorning the modern day skyline. In fact solar is fast becoming a standard part of modern day life. Nowadays you don’t think twice about buying solar powered lights for your garden and those panels that you once despised for being an eyesore, are now beginning to look like an attractive option.

    Date Posted:13 Jul 2016

  • When will these avoidable deaths stop?

    There is once again sad news in the headlines as yet another fatal scalding case makes its way to court. The HSE has reported that a Middlesex care home company has been fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £50,000, after an elderly resident at the Old Wall Cottage Nursing Home died in August 2011 from scalding injuries.

    Date Posted:6 Jul 2016

  • Unregistered installer given suspended sentence

    Earlier last week Christopher Dignam, trading as Blue Flame Plumbing and Heating Services, received a 2-year suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay £860 in compensation and £3,000 costs after illegally installing boilers at two houses in Greater Manchester in 2014.

    Date Posted:29 Jun 2016

  • Now is the time…

    It seems that no one has told the British weather that it’s actually summertime now.  With some of us only just turning the heating off after months and months of inclement weather, now is a great time to give your boiler a bit of TLC and book in its yearly service.

    Date Posted:22 Jun 2016

  • The Catch 22

    Whether you are a shower person or a bath person, we’ve all had that instance where you’ve got in and the water has been too hot. In most cases, you swiftly remove yourself with no harm being done. But in some cases that hot water can do serious harm and leave you scalded – especially for those who have thinner skin such as the young and the elderly, or vulnerable people who may have trouble verbalising pain or reacting to a situation.

    Date Posted:15 Jun 2016

  • Why enter the Apprentice Awards 2016?

    If you haven’t already learned that the CIPHE is launching its own Apprentice Awards, where have you been? With entries now open and a closing date of 14th October 2016, there’s no time like the present to check out what the awards are all about and why you should enter to win.

    Date Posted:8 Jun 2016

  • Progressing through the ranks

    The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) can now help members progress all the way through from apprentice level to Chartered Engineer (CEng).

    Date Posted:1 Jun 2016

  • The CIPHE’s Complaints Procedure

    The CIPHE has a Code of Professional Standards, which each member commits to abide by when signing up to membership. If a member of the Chartered Institute contravenes any of the six points of the Code of Professional Standards, he or she can make themselves liable for a complaint to be made against them.

    Date Posted:25 May 2016

  • The Code of Professional Standards

    Like many professional bodies, the CIPHE has a code of conduct - in this case the Code of Professional Standards - which its members agree to abide by on signing up in membership. It is through this code that the Institute runs its complaints procedure. If a member of the Chartered Institute contravenes any of the six points of the Code of Professional Standards, he or she can make themselves liable for a complaint to be made against them.

    Date Posted:18 May 2016

  • Why plumbing jobs go wrong

    The media would have you believe that every other plumbing or heating engineer is a cowboy waiting to rip you off, but the reality is that true cowboys are few and far between. The majority of those in the industry are genuine tradespeople, holding integrity, qualifications and experience. However, we are all human and there can be times when mistakes are made or communication breaks down on both sides.  This blog covers some common problems that arise when plumbing or heating work goes wrong.

    Date Posted:11 May 2016

  • Home improvements and the law

    With one May bank holiday down and one to go, you may well be spending time improving your home.  The longer nights and more clement weather make tackling those DIY jobs a little easier, (unless the lure of the BBQ catches you first), but if you are thinking of doing some plumbing or heating jobs yourself without calling a professional in first, there are some things you need to know.

    Date Posted:4 May 2016

  • Licenced to skill!

    The CIPHE’s technical credibility has been enhanced with a license to award Chartered Engineer status. It means that even more members can benefit from professional registration.

    Date Posted:27 Apr 2016

  • What is an expert witness?

    The first two blogs this month dealt with dodgy landlords and unsafe gas appliances. Both of those cases went to court and may have used a report from an ‘Expert Witness’ to help prove or disprove technical aspects of the trail.

    Date Posted:20 Apr 2016

  • Yet another landlord falls foul of the law

    Our first two blogs for this month are focussing on landlord gas safety. In last week’s blog we heard of a landlord who put his tenants at risk, through failing to have a gas boiler in one of his rented properties checked for safety by a suitably qualified engineer. Unfortunately this week’s blog also tells the tail of a dodgy landlord and an even more dodgy plumber.

    Date Posted:13 Apr 2016

  • Always use a registered professional

    There was yet another story in the news recently about a landlord who had not done his duty to protect his tenants. Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard how Duran Akbulut had failed to have a gas boiler checked for safety by a suitably qualified engineer. 

    Date Posted:6 Apr 2016

  • Spring fever

    Spring is finally here! And if you didn't kick off your home improvements over the Easter bank holiday weekend, now is the time to start thinking about a bit of DIY. Giving rooms a fresh coat of paint or building new furniture may be one thing, but issues often arise when householders think they will save themselves money by tackling jobs that really should be done by a professional, such as a plumber or heating installer.

    Date Posted:30 Mar 2016

  • Legionnaire’s victim caught infection from hospital water system

    An inquest into the death of 68-year-old Terry Brooks, from Bath, has heard that he died after contracting Legionnaires’ Disease at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, in July 2015, while being treated for leukaemia.

    Date Posted:23 Mar 2016

  • Feeling blue for World Water Day?

    This year we are being urged to go #Blue4Water on World Water Day - an international event held annually on 22 March – which focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

    Date Posted:16 Mar 2016

  • Rising to the Top - National Apprenticeship Week 2016

    Have you got what it takes to rise to the top? That’s the question this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is asking, as the annual event returns for its 9th year from 14 to 18 March 2016.

    Date Posted:9 Mar 2016

  • World Plumbing Day

    March is the month of celebrating all things plumbing, water and training! We kick off on 11 March with the annual World Plumbing Day. Initiated by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), of which the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering is a member, World Plumbing Day promotes the important role that plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society.

    Date Posted:2 Mar 2016

  • Lessons still not being learned on scalding

    Margaret Gilchrist, of Glasgow died at her home in her bath on 26 September 2013. A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) has heard that 50-year-old Margaret, who needed full-time care due to blindness, epilepsy and severe learning difficulties, had passed away after being left unattended in the bath by her carer for around an hour. On her carer’s return, Margaret was found unresponsive. She had received 90% burns.

    Date Posted:24 Feb 2016

  • European Water Label scheme

    The CIPHE is proud to partner the European Water Label Scheme, which is an Industry-wide, supported voluntary labelling scheme for water using bathroom products. The scheme’s primary role is to educate the consumer on water use, so they can make informed purchasing decisions on bathroom products.

    Date Posted:17 Feb 2016

  • Are carbon emissions to blame? (Part 2)

    Last week’s blog covered the increased risk of flooding that climate change brings. Ironically, going hand in hand with flooding is the issue of water availability. As temperatures rise and sea levels rise, fresh water will become more scarce.

    Date Posted:10 Feb 2016

  • Are carbon emissions to blame? (Part 1)

    With Britain once again battered by storms and flooding, it will surprise few that there has been further research published declaring that carbon emissions are to blame. In the UK, climate change is set to give us a double whammy of opposing issues; firstly increased flooding and secondly, water shortage.  In the first of our blogs we look into the issues of flooding and why carbon emissions are to blame.

    Date Posted:3 Feb 2016

  • Boost for new housing

    Earlier this month the government announced that it is to "directly commission" 10,000 new affordable homes to be built on public land. This is a shift from the norm, with the government (rather than the usual large building firms) taking responsibility for the developments. The aim is to help small firms pick up work and speed up house building.

    Date Posted:27 Jan 2016

  • The resolutions all house-holders should keep

    Each year we view January as the start of something new. A time to put those bad habits to bed. A fresh start. While most of us will resolve to be healthier, or better with money, or to just say ‘Yes’ more this year, we very rarely look at improving the lifestyle of our homes. This year the CIPHE is urging house holders to make a different set of New Year’s resolutions, some which will ensure our homes stay safe, warm and energy efficient for the coming year.

    Date Posted:20 Jan 2016

  • What to do in a flooding emergency

    The British weather has been very cruel to areas of the country this winter with widespread and recurrent flooding taking place across the UK. So what should you do when your property floods? Is your water safe to drink? Where should you store water? CIPHE Operations Manager Danny Davis takes you through our most frequently asked questions when it comes to flooding.

    Date Posted:13 Jan 2016

  • Membership matters!

    It’s that time of year again. The start of the New Year marks the start of a new membership year for the CIPHE. While none of us like parting with money, especially on these grey January days, did you know that your membership fee entitles you to a host of benefits which can save you £100s of pounds throughout the year? Suddenly parting with your fee is looking a little brighter, let us take you through what we have to offer:

    Date Posted:6 Jan 2016